Gift-Giving: The History And Its Effect

The ancient practice of gift-giving can be traced back to cave dwellers. It was an essential part of
their communities, especially for asserting dominance, gaining respect, and starting a family.
Tribal leaders would frequently present gifts to individuals who had accomplished something
significant for their tribe.

The history of gift-giving is such a long and fascinating history. This tradition has been embedded
in our genes, and it has become a fundamental part of human behavior from different cultural
backgrounds. Our ancestors gave us a memorable ceremony that we can still enjoy in modern

In the world of royalties, gift-giving is always essential; however, since they have the authority,
the gifts they receive have more grandeur and significance and, you can say, more customized to
their likings and preferences.

Queen Victoria, for example, commissioned a painting for her wedding gown and veil, which was given to her husband, Prince Albert, as an anniversary gift. The Queen’s consort is also known for gifting customized gifts; Prince Albert especially commissioned a glittering suite of jewels for Queen Victoria, a magnificent diamond and emerald tiara, emerald necklace, earrings, and brooch that became the favorite of the Queen.

Nowadays, gift-giving is still part of the culture of every human on the planet. Whenever one is
invited to a wedding, one of the dilemmas that most people will experience is what will be the best
gift to the newlywed. Is it something they want? Or is it something that they need?

For guests, the hardest part is not choosing what to wear but the finest present that will surely bring happiness to the couple who are celebrating a milestone in their lives. One of the unwritten rules when attending any occasion is getting a gift, as it is considered rude to go to a celebration empty-handed.

Different countries have their tradition of gift-giving, although not required but still a must. In America, for example, celebrants usually have gift registration so guests can choose from the list of wants or
needs of the celebrant.

Giving a customized gift is the easiest and more meaningful gift for most people. When we travel to different countries, a souvenir is a must, and the gift shops sell an item that best identifies their country. Gift shop usually customizes gifts for tourists to share with their loved ones by writing their names on items like keychain, wallets, or t-shirts.

These customized gifts sell like hotcakes as these represent that you are thinking of them during your vacation. Most people look forward to their souvenirs with their names, and they display them with the utmost pride.

However, when the world came to a halt because of COVID 19, countries closed their borders,
schools were closed, businesses were struggling to remain open, unemployment rose, and for
many, it became too difficult to live on the lockdown.

Personalized souvenirs stopped, but humanity never failed to show its kindness by doing its part in their community. We can see thousands of posts on social media wherein people help people. Community pantries have been popping out worldwide, where people can take food and supplement they need for free.

This charity has touched the lives of millions, especially those who were struggling. In social media,
we can see people donating whatever limited stock they have, like masks, sanitizers, and other
medical supplies, to the hospitals that were greatly affected by the overwhelming number of
patients who caught the virus to help our medical front liners protect themselves from the invisible

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Social media has made our world a smaller place and much easier to share any blessings; the internet has made helping more accessible.

Now that the world is slowly returning to normal, festivities like weddings, birthdays,
anniversaries and other occasions are now celebrated. Although we encountered hardship during
the pandemic, the generosity of the people did not erase that; in fact, it made us more appreciative
of what we have and shared whatever we can with people who are in need.

But the process of what to give still remains a difficult task; however, one can never go wrong when you give a personalized gift to your loved ones. One of the best-personalized gifts you can give is
an affordable custom bobblehead.

These dolls are much easier to procure now with the advancement of technology, and they can be delivered right at your doorstep. Thousands of websites offer custom bobbleheads; the only task you will have is to choose the right company to make your order.

Giving gifts allows us to express our gratitude to those who are important to us in some way and our affection and heartfelt feelings for people we care deeply about; it doesn’t need to be expensive.

Giving a custom bobblehead doll is fun and will surely be appreciated because you made an effort to make your present unique and will be a good reminder that celebrates your relationship and history with the person.

Gift-Giving: The History And Its Effect

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