Your Essential Getting-Ready-For-Summer Housekeeping Checklist

The heat’s on its way which means that a lot of homeowners are going to regret not making sure their home wasn’t ready for the summer. You’re not going to be in the same boat, however, with this checklist that ensures you’re cool as a cucumber, sipping cold drinks in the comfort of a well-prepared home. Here are the key things you need to fix up now.

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Loving your lighting

The days are getting longer and the nights are getting brighter which means it’s time to well and truly open the shades in your home. If you’re still living with those heavy, cozy winter curtains, now’s the time to bring them down and replace them with lighter window treatments like blinds.

Making better use of natural light means the home stays well-lit for longer, meaning you don’t have to spend as much on your energy bills. Adding mirrors to key rooms like the living room, bedroom and kitchen can even reflect and maximize that light, creating a more spacious sensation in the home.


Many might associate high energy bills with all the heating that’s required in the winter, but there’s also a summer spike that can see you reaching in your pocket more often than not. Besides the costs, installing a new home air conditioning unit or calling someone out to maintain or repair your current one is essential for staying cool during the summer.

Don’t forget to check all the ventilation in your home and replace old filters that might be clogged with dust, stopping the cool air from flowing effectively around the home.

getting ready for summer checklist

Mind the gaps

Your AC is going to be running overtime and costing you a bomb if you don’t stop the heating from getting the home in the first place. Insulation doesn’t just keep the home warm in winter, it keeps it cool in summer. Air gaps allow the hot air in, meaning it takes more work to cool the home.

Besides looking around doors and windows, it’s another good reason to check and see if you need roof repair services. Sealing it up is usually a simple fix and you’re going to save more in the long-run since your energy bills will shrink.

Color me sunny

Not quite as crucial as making sure the home is nice and cool, but you want to make sure it’s got the aesthetic match for the season as well. It’s time to swap out soft furnishings for smooth, cool surfaces and to cut the clutter to maximize the airy spaciousness of the home.

If you’re up for it, you might even want to get out the paint or a new wallpaper and add a summer colour scheme to your home. You want the vibe of a cool, breezy home, as well as the practicality of one.

Don’t get caught off guard by the summer heat. Make sure your home is safe, comfortable, and most importantly cool. Some of us are already starting to feel that heat so the sooner you make things right, the better.


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