Garden Focal Points You’ll Love

Often, gardens are thought of as an outdoor space that is functional, but not much else. You should think of it as you do the inside of your home and put some effort into making it just as beautiful.  In your living room, for instance, the TV or fireplace will be the focal point that attracts the eyes before anything else. You can create the same effect in your garden by having some focal points that draw attention as soon as anyone enters your garden.

Water Features

Ponds and fountains are the two most popular water features for a garden, but having a well in your garden can create a focal point that will be noticed straight away.

They are not only pleasing to the eye, but they can also be a good source of water when your garden needs a drink, and some will even produce water clean enough for the family to drink too. A Sta-rite well pump will enable you to move the water from the well to a storage tank to make it more usable. You do need to check the local laws regarding wells before you dig, and check with the utility companies that they have no wires or pipes in the location you plan to put your well.


Summerhouses can be a functional addition to your outdoor space as well as pleasing to the eye. They provide you with somewhere to enjoy sunny afternoons and to sit back and relax to enjoy the garden you have created.

Having them professionally built can be expensive, but there are ones you can build yourself on the market. You may even be handy enough with a few tools to make one yourself from scratch.

garden focal points


Decking does not have to be attached to your home. You can create a decked area anywhere in your garden. You can make it even more of a focal point by attaching some uprights and a roof, although one that is not solid will give you more leeway with the options. If you form a balustrade around some of the sides, you can train plants to climb up them and through the slats of the roof.

A decked area such as this can look really beautiful and be a wonderful addition to your garden.


Statues are not so popular with modern garden designers, but they can be a very classy addition that will provide some style to your outside space. There are so many pieces to choose from you will have no trouble finding some that suit the atmosphere you want to create. They might not be by a famous artist or works of antiquity, but that does not matter. They can still be a focal point in your garden that will be timeless.

The Aim Of Focal Points

The aim of a focal point is to draw attention to a particular area and they can be very effective in doing this. In fact, in some ways, you will find this easier to do outside than you do when you are designing the layout of an interior room.


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