11 Hilarious Gag Gifts for Every Friend

Gag Gifts for Every Friend

It is never a bad time to share a good laugh with your colleagues, friends, and family. If your relationship with all the important people in your life starts and ends with funny antics and gags, then giving them the gift of laughs is perfect!

We have scoured the internet to compile a list of hilarious gag gifts that you can give your friends and family. Depending on your appetite of dad jokes, witty puns and pop culture obsession, choose the perfect gag gift for every friend. 

While this is all going to be funny, let your loved ones know how much you appreciate them; add a thoughtful card to your gift to make it extra special.

Let’s take a look at these hilarious gag gifts that’ll leave you and the recipient laughing!

Gag gifts for friends

Fake Belly Fanny Pack

Dad bod and fanny packs – integrate these two elements to make a gag gift that’ll make the recipient laugh and recoil at the same time. This hairy belt bag is the perfect gift for your dad, friend, or brother. With this hilarious fanny pack, having a beer belly will come naturally to the recipient!

 The Office Jigsaw Puzzle

Be it Michael Scotts’s deadpan one-liners or Dwight and Jim’s neverending prank war, we can all agree that there’s something inherently hilarious about The Office. Gift this puzzle if you and the recipient are die-hard fans of the show.

The Mouthguard Party Game 

This one is a favourite on the list. The sheer simplicity of this hilarious gag gift makes it worth it. Think plastic mouth guards inserted in someone’s mouth and them proceeding to say phrases like “fresh shepherd’s pie made with ground lamb”. It’s going to sound like anything but that!

Get your squad together for a game night and have fun saying gibberish out loud. We guarantee that this will become a staple at most of your gatherings. 

“Hold On, Let Me Overthink This” Shirt

Let’s all take a moment to agree that decision making is the absolute worst. 

If you know someone who hyperventilates at the smallest of things, this tongue-in-cheek shirt is the perfect gag gift for them. While they overthink about stuff, you can sit and have a good laugh at it while they wonder if it’s actually funny…

Shakespeare Insults Poster

Know a friend who’s obsessed with Shakespeare? 

This gag gift is perfect even if they aren’t. If you want your friend to get creative with their dissing skills, this poster will be their bible. Inspired by the greatest literary genius and the most prestigious wordsmith, you’ll know they’ll win the dissing round with no contenders. 

Why ask someone to “sod off” or stop being a “daft git” when you can use phrases like “Away, you three-inch fool” and “I’ll beat thee, but I would infect my hands”.

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Cat Tarot

With this gag gift, the recipient can lean into their cat lady or gentleman persona and own it! 

Normalise being obsessed with the feline-kind with this Cat Tarot set complete with a how-to guide. The recipient gets to celebrate the many quirks, wisdom and egos of their cats in all its glory!

“Oh, For Fox Sake” Wine Glass

The recipient can now tell it like it is with this punny and cute wine glass! Good puns don’t cost a dime and while they’re busy giggling at the wordplay, might as well enjoy some wine to go with the humour. 

Pizza Socks

Fool the recipient with this brilliant gag gift. First you’ll hook them in with the deceiving pizza box but as they proceed to open the box, instead of pizza slices they’ll find four pairs of socks that resemble a pizza. We’ll leave it to you if you want to have pineapple sprinkled on top of the fake pizza socks… or not!

Fish Sandals

A cross between being creepy and cute, these PVC fish slippers are a great gift that the recipient can wear around the house. If they wish to channel their inner Luna Lovegood, they can wear these slippers in the warm summer months or when they go fishing. No matter how they wear it, it’s bound to make a fishy statement!

Adulting Stickers

We can all agree that adulting is hard and coping with the responsibilities of being an adult is even harder. This pack of stickers celebrates and honours every tiny milestone one achieves in adulthood – be it keeping the houseplants alive for a week or going to the gym. Your loved one will know their seemingly uneventful activities are being validated!

The Book of Dad Jokes

While on the surface we might roll our eyes at the lameness of dad jokes, we all secretly love them. Also, who will appreciate dad jokes more than your old man? Imagine your dad flitting through fifty pages of poor jokes that are so bad that they’re good! 

He can have fun embarrassing you, your siblings and everyone else he comes in contact with!

To Sum It Up

Who says that gifts have to be useful and meaningful all the time? 

Take your pick from the list above and laugh about how silly it all is with your friends and family!

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