23 Frugal Living Tips To Live A Rich Life

Managing finance can be a very difficult thing to do. Day in day out there are so many things on the market and we sometimes end up getting things we do not even need. By the time you realise, you will be broke and in debt.

Do you know that many people aren’t able to save anything from their monthly income? Some people even finish their income the very day they receive it and they have to get in debt to survive the rest of the days. They get paid at the end of the month and that goes into settling their debts, then the cycle continues.

Getting out of debt might seem impossible but it is very doable. If you are someone who has problem with managing and saving money, here are some frugal living tips to help you live a rich life. You don’t necessarily have to practise all these at once. Just start with what you can and try to add more as time goes on. You can also come up with other ways to either save or make some extra money.

frugal living tips


1. Cook more. Buying food outside is more costly than preparing food at home. Especially if you buy foodstuff in bulk. This is very helpful if you have a meal plan. You can purchase foodstuff and prepare food in bulk so you can have freezer foods. Eating leftovers is a very big money saver too. Have breakfast at home and pack lunch for school or work. Limit dining out to special occasions.

2. Budget for everything and stick to your budget. Budget for food, have an emergency fund, and then budget for fun. Yes, fun. Although you are trying to save money here, it is advisable to budget for fun. This way when you are out with friends you know you have to spend within your budget.

3. Buy second-hand items. You will be surprised to find out that most second-hand items are of higher quality than their brand new counterparts and they cost less.

4. Use coupons. Most online stores, restaurants, and supermarkets give coupon codes when you sign up for their newsletter. You will be notified of upcoming sales, promotions, and coupon codes.

5. Cancel all subscriptions. You can do without most of these subscriptions.

6. If you live in a large apartment that requires more payment, you can move in to a smaller apartment to save some money. You can also get a room mate to help slash the bill. Or you can try Airbnb, it’s a really great way to make some money.

7. Use one car. I know that each person having their own car is more comfortable but if you want to save some money, then become a one car family. You can sell the second car to get some extra cash. Or you can still keep the second car but use just one car.

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8. Do your kid’s hair yourself. This is something I always do. It might not look perfect like it would if it was done by a hairstylist. But the thing is she’s young and it doesn’t matter if her hair doesn’t look perfect. She is too young to care. And the good news is that practice makes perfect. So eventually it’s going to look amazing.

9. Recycle clothings and other items. You can invest in a sewing machine and turn your old clothings into something else you can use. You can tansform an old pair of jeans trousers to jeans shorts or skirt. You can make a shirt dress from an old shirt you don’t wear anymore for your kid. You can turn old towels to bathroom mats. There are endless possibilities to things you can upcycle and recycle.

10. If you have babies and toddlers switch from disposable diapers to cloth diapers.

11. Stay home. You spend much more when you go out. So try and cut down on the outings. Stay home. Watch tv or read a book.

12. Declutter your home. Sell things you no longer have use for. You can either have a garage sale or sell them online.

13. Get things fixed fast. When you notice issues with anything in your home, get it fixed immediately before it becomes a huge problem. Regular maintenance will save you some more money.

14. Wash your car yourself. You can even let your kids join in. It will be another fun activity to do together as a family.

15. DIY when you can. There are tons of tutorials on youtube on how to do a lot of things. Try watching some of these videos and do things yourself.

16. Stop using the dishwasher and use the drying line to dry your clothes

17. Unplug electric items when they are not in use.

18. Use energy-saving bulbs and remember to turn off the lights when you leave a room.

19. Walk when you can. It will save you some money and you will get to exercise too.

20. Save on hair by going for hairstyles that last long.

21. Exercise at home instead of the gym

22. Do your yard works yourself. (weeding, mowing etc).

23. Rent movies and watch at home instead of going to the theatre.

Getting started with these can be somewhat difficult. Especially if it is your first time doing this. But if you do, you will realize that you are able to save much more and spend less than you usually do.


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