Foot Podiatrist: A Guide For You

We often tend to neglect the importance of our feet until they begin to show up any pain, dysfunction, or if suddenly it becomes difficult for us to walk. Acute foot pain or ankle problems mostly go away with time, but if they do not, you must seek medical help. While looking for foot care and guidance, it is advisable to consult a foot podiatrist.

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Trained for four years in medical school and three years in hospital residency training, podiatrists are the physicians usually medically and surgically trained for taking care of our foot, ankle, legs, etc. They treat conditions like arthritis pain, bunions, calluses and corn, ingrown toenails, sports injuries, etc. A foot podiatrist helps you to engage in clinical activities so that you can work better with all your problems being solved in the right way. 

Some of the works of a foot podiatrist are mentioned below: 

Foot assessments and screening –

A foot podiatrist will first evaluate your feet and then conduct a screening test to get all necessary information related to your injury concerning to your feet. The most significant judgement will depend on how your foot will get better after suffering from an injury. The best podiatrist will surely help you to attain the same.

The comprehensive study-

The best foot podiatrist will perform a better and a detailed survey of your foot injury at first. The range of the latest technology used by them will help you to monitor your activities so that you do not commit the same mistake twice. It is their work to help you with the current technology in the market for a better assessment of your foot.

Prescription and testing-

A good foot podiatrist will help you to get the best medicine. They will also help you to walk barefoot so that you can understand the minimalists training and then assess the same.

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Listed below are some of the reasons to visit a foot podiatrist:

Sudden progress of a deformity

A type of deformity named Charcot arthropathy mostly occurs if a person is suffering from diabetes. Redness, pain, hot and swollen foot, etc. are some of its symptoms. Charcot can lead to the breaking of bones or make them slip out of places. It will cause foot deformity if not treated timely.

A wound that does not heal or a painful lump or bump

If there is any sign of an open sore or a wound that is not showing any healing or improvement, you need to rush to the foot podiatrist immediately. In fact, there are chances of getting skin or bone infection. No matter what, in any case, if you are experiencing a lump or bump in your body which gets bigger and painful with time, then visit a podiatrist ASAP. 

Foot discolorations

If there is a sign or any symptom that you come across like variations in colour of both the foot, there might be some medical issue. The red colour may refer to an infection or gout. Similarly, the blue colour might be an indication of a vein issue and white colour might be a symptom of decreased flow of blood. In such a case, you need to visit a foot podiatrist on an immediate basis.

There are a decent number of foot podiatrists around you, but you need to find the best one who can help you attain a better and speedy recovery of your foot injury and enhance your overall health. While looking for a foot podiatrist always check on their experience and reputation. The best ones will help you to figure out your problems well. So that you can understand and get the best treatment accordingly.   


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  1. October 12, 2020 / 2:52 am

    When you mentioned that podiatrists can help with lumps that get more painful over time, I remembered my aunt and her recent condition. Initially, the large lump on her right foot didn’t seem like much, but as time went on we noticed that she complained about it more and more. None of her regular home remedies have been working, so I am convinced that it’s about time we took her to a podiatrist to get some really effective treatment before it gets any worse.

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