5 Food Preparation Trends That Are Catching On Fast

If you are a foodie, you are probably looking on the internet for the latest food trends and preparation techniques popular right now in NC. You might not be aware of the ones that are mentioned in this blog post though. Without any delay, let’s begin with some of the most interesting food preparation trends that seem to be catching on rather fast:

5 food preparation methods that are trending now

Fermentation is in

Fermented foods have become very popular lately in North Carolina. The method involves converting the sugar present in the food into ethanol. It is particularly used when creating alcoholic beverages. But this method has become popular in preparing various food items as well.

For example, yogurt, kimchi, dried sausages, and sourdough bread are a few things that you are going to love once you get the first taste. These can be served with a lot of other healthy ingredients such as multigrain bread, olive oil, thyme, and rosemary sauce, to name a few.

Pickling is the new trend

You can go as generous and experimental with pickling as you want. Do you know how many items can be made more interesting with this little process? You can move beyond cucumbers very easily. Include a generous palette of vegetables comprising onions, carrots, radishes, beans, cauliflower, mushrooms, jalapeno, and so much more.

Pickling is a great way to prepare a delicious meal and you can combine a lot of other whole foods with these items to create a fantastic offering for your kids or guests.

pickled vegetables

Say hello to plant-based foods

Plant-based foods are not new but they are becoming a novelty quite fast. According to an independent study, around 28% of people who consume traditional protein are in favor of plant-based protein if given an option.

If you are thinking about incorporating such a preparation into your meal, you can always go with something like Durham NC Meal Prep if you want to see whether you have a taste for it or not. Remember, good things happen to vegetarians and vegans first (Wink!).

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Liquid nitrogen cooling

This is probably the most innovative and one of the fastest ways to cool and freeze your food in NC. Of course, it is going to create a dramatic impact on your guests as well but it doesn’t come without its advantages.

If you are preparing a fantastic peanut butter banana cake or something delicious as blueberry cheesecake, liquid nitrogen is going to come in handy. You can also preserve your expensive liquor bottles and ice cream shakes very easily if you have enough liquid nitrogen at your home.

smoked fish

Smoking is not bad for health

Didn’t you just love that smoky flavor in the duck gravy that your business partner’s wife served you last week? It was something out of this world. But you can easily get it into your world by knowing how to smoke your food. There is dry smoking and there is wet smoking.

You can use wood and coal pieces for the purpose. The best part is that it can be done at home very easily. All you’re going to need is a few tutorial videos on YouTube and you are done.

Final Tip

Don’t be afraid of trying out different food preparations. Be more experimental and always welcome more color in your food. Remember, it is a great idea to add more antioxidants to your food preparations if you want them to look inviting and taste amazing. Happy cooking!

5 Food Preparation Trends That Are Catching On Fast

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