The Essentials Everyone Needs In Their Winter Break Down Kit

Now that the nights are getting shorter and the weather is getting much colder, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to keep yourself safe during winter.

Whether it’s looking after your home, keeping yourself warm, or making sure your mental health is well looked after – being safe throughout the winter months is incredibly important.

One thing that often gets overlooked, however, is keeping yourself safe whilst driving.

With so many different tips and tricks available to keep yourself safe on the road, it’s hard to know where to start. Whether it’s getting your tyres checked, servicing your car or ensuring your lights are kept clear and visible when you’re driving. Car safety is incredibly important during winter.

One of the best tips for ensuring you’re safe while driving during winter is to ensure you have a winter break down kit with you at all times. If anything was to happen to your car whilst driving, the cold weather is not safe , for you or your passengers to be waiting around in.

To help you put together a winter break down kit that will keep you safe in case of emergency, here are the essentials you should consider including:

winter car breakdown kit

10 essentials for your winter breakdown kit

1. Several Blankets For You And Your Passengers

If you break down in winter one the main things you will have to worry about is keeping yourself warm. As it’s not safe to sit in the car or turn it on for warmth, keeping blankets in your car will mean you’ve at least got something to wrap up warm in. Make sure you’ve got 2-3 blankets so if you’re travelling with others there are enough to go around – particularly for young kids and the elderly.

2. A High Visibility Flashlight (And Spare Batteries)

During winter there are very little hours of daylight, meaning the chances are if you’re going to break down it won’t stay light for long. If this is the case, you’re going to need a strong flashlight in case of low visibility. Don’t forget to include spare batteries, just in case yours run out.

3. Ice/Window Scraper and De-Icer

If you’re waiting for assistance for a long period of time in the freezing cold, there is a chance your car may start to ice over. Pack an ice scraper and de-icer in your winter break down kit just in case this happens – although hopefully, you’re not waiting too long in the cold.

4. Warm Back Up Clothes

Similar to the blankets, warmer clothes will help you stay warm while you’re waiting for assistance. So be sure to always have some backup clothing pieces. Men can always carry an extra shirt and trousers. For trousers, cotton trousers are the warmest.

Women can also pack backup clothes like blouses and womens trousers, not forgetting winter jackets. But really, even if it’s just an extra hat, scarf and gloves – every little thing helps in minus temperatures.

5. A High Vis Jacket (For You And Your Passengers)

If you’ve broken down on a road that has low visibility, it could be incredibly dangerous if it starts to get dark. Make sure you have hi-vis vests or jackets for all of your passengers in your car, so if something was to happen you’d be easy to spot by other motorists.

6. A Spare Pair Of Boots With Good Grip

Whilst these are not essential, they are handy for those times you need to walk somewhere that requires a little more grip – especially if it’s icy outside.

If you are planning on leaving your car during a breakdown, make sure it isn’t for too long as there is a chance you could cause a road traffic accident if your stationary car isn’t visible. If you’re worried about a road traffic accident, your case is in good hands with the Derrick Law Firm.

7. Sustainable Food And Drink

With break downs becoming more common in the winter it is likely you’ll have to wait longer for roadside assistance to arrive. If that’s the case, packing sustainable food and drink will mean you’ll be able to keep your self fed and hydrated in case of emergency. This is even more important to remember if you’re travelling with young kids or someone who is elderly.

8. Reflective Warning Triangles

If you break down in a place that has low visibility, reflective warning triangles will help you ensure your car is visible to other motorists and the roadside assistance that will be looking for you.


9. A Shovel

Cold weather often means snow, ice and slush – so a shovel may be the difference between being able to get yourself moving again or having to wait for roadside assistance.

10. A Portable Phone Charger

No matter how hard you try, your phone battery will not last forever. Pack a portable charger in your winter break down kit, just in case yours doesn’t last until help arrives!

What do you have in your winter break down kit? Let us know if we have missed anything in the comments below.

winter car care kit

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