Buying your first home is a great accomplishment, a symbol of independence and adulthood. With the benefits of no longer wasting money on rent, your home is also an investment. One that could potentially provide you with a return in the future. However, this depends on attributes such as the upkeep and maintenance of the property internally and externally. Which is why renovating and remodeling the front of the house is a great decision, to not only put your stamp on your new place and create a welcoming entrance for you and your guests, but because it will also affect the value of the house when you decide to sell and take a step up the property ladder. Begin crafting a plan to boost your curb appeal by following the below stages and tips.

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Prioritize Repairs

Before choosing what color to paint the siding on your house, choose to focus your attention on any external repairs that have caught your eye first. As these could be detrimental to the structure of the house if not taken care of as soon as possible. This could include areas such as missing roof tiles requiring a roofing replacement and repair contractor. Blocked guttering, cracked paving slabs causing a hazard walking to your property and so forth. The bottom line is, if something on the outside of your home risks damaging your home further or impairs yours, your families and your guest’s safety this should be prioritized above any cosmetic work.

Collect Inspiration

Hardly anything is original anymore. Everything is recreated, repurposed, altered etc., So don’t feel ashamed to look to your neighbour’s homes for inspiration on what you can do to change the first impression of your home. In fact looking at peoples houses who are similar to your own and in the same street is wise. This is to ensure you don’t alter the appearance too much beyond the style of your neighbors and risk your home sticking out like a sore thumb. Beyond your neighbour’s houses. Check Pinterest and Instagram and begin to save a collage of ideas commonly referred to as a mood board, to develop the entrance, appeal, and vibe you want your home to give off. Each and every single idea will contribute towards making the impression something you adore, feel proud of and relieved each time you’ve reached home after a hard day at work.

When you are searching for ideas on how to update and change the appearance of your home, do this. Without staring at homes and houses in your neighbourhood too much, glance at the following to see what elements build the bigger picture. For instance, is it;

  • A Bold door color and modern hardware
  • A windy path lined with solar lights to the entrance
  • Siding in a neutral color to provide an excellent backdrop for the garden
  • A garden filled with potted plants and fenced off with topiary balls
  • Cotswold stones lining the driveway
  • Fresh newly painted window pains
  • Window boxes and hanging baskets to add color and interest to the fascia
  • Have the residents planned a particular theme for the look of their home such as urban, or modern and minimal

Luckily with the exterior of your house remodeling or changing aspects of the fascia will have little to no impact on your family routine in comparison to renovating internally. Meaning it is simpler to schedule jobs to be done by professionals if and when you have the money to do so to enhance your curb appeal.

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