5 Embroidery Trends You Need To Know

Embroidery is the art of decorating materials mostly fabric materials using a needle and a thread. It may also include other materials like quills, beads, sequins, and pearls. Embroidery can be found with various types of yarns and threads.

In today’s world, it can be generally found on Denim, dresses, coats, hats, blankets, and stockings. You can even make your own embroidery on your clothes. See this post to learn more about custom embroidered patches.

Hand embroideries have some fundamental techniques. Some of the basic stitches or techniques are chain stitch, blanket or buttonhole stitch, satin stitch, running stitch, cross-stitch. Mirror work embroidery is one of the most innovative varieties that you can avail.


What Is the Contemporary Use of Embroidery?

In the modern world, embroidery has become much easier as compared to the past. Nowadays we have computerized machines and systems which have made it easier. We can easily make lookalikes of hand embroideries as well as replicate very complex artworks and designs into embroidered products.

The traditionally used fabric and yarns varied mostly between– wool, linen, silk. Today’s embroidered products use cotton, novelty yarns and rayon as well as the traditional linen, silk and wool as the threads for manufacturing. The floral designs and motifs that are found on embroidered products are made by ribbon embroidery which uses narrow silk ribbons or blends organza ribbon.

Laid- work or couching and chain stitching are techniques used on surface embroideries. These are the most economical among expensive yarns. Although it takes up more materials but also provides a more substantial and sturdier finished textile.

embroided jeans

Top 5 Embroidery trends:

 Big, Bold, and lots of Coverage:

Embroidered patterns covering larger portions of the material are used which create signature pieces. It can be bottoms or tops that can be paired with clothes of solid colors to spread out a bigger fashion statement. It may be having a single theme or eclectic designs looking like a sampler of design patterns.

 Embroidered bags:

This is definitely the era of supersized bags, so let those tiny handbags hang in the museum for a while. Bags are big and perfect for detailed embroidery or designs that need lots of extra space. Embroidered bags of canvas or cotton rock today’s embroidery fashion.

Leather embroidery can also be ventured when looking for bags. You can now buy customized hand-embroidered jute or cotton bags to go for an embroidered solution to write your name or some messages. Running stitch, split stitch and back stitch are some of the


 Coloured jeans with Embroidery:

Throwing a pair of coloured jeans that matches with the main core colour of your embroidery is a playful way to carry out this trend. They go with any top or sandals and can work on many occasions.

Embroidered Sandals:

Even there has been a trend of embroidered sandals. These sandals come in vibrant colors and can be matched with contrasting dresses. If you want to go for self-embroidery, you will need the thimbles, threads of different colors and embroidery floss and needles that can help you to make nice embroidery designs.

Embroidered Purse:

Now this trend was new and has created a sensation in the glamour world. Party bags that were glittery and shiny were famous before, but an embroidered purse not only gives a classic look to it but also keeps it sophisticated and vibrant as well.

Thus from all the trends that you saw above, it is clear that embroidery trends are for a long haul. They never go out of fashion and the best part is that you can use it in any accessory and can match it with any accessories. There are different materials and fabrics that are suitable for embroidery, and these include flour sack, muslin, cotton, linen and Osnaburg.

Author Bio: Ashley Kinsela is a creative woman from Melbourne. She’s a writer by profession and writes on various topics like Home Improvement, Automotive, Business, Health, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Pet, etc. She also loves doing DIY in her free time. Here she has shared 5 embroidery trends which you must follow or try.


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