7 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the best phase of your life. Do you know that the pregnancy symptoms begin in the first week of conception? The signs can be intensified as and when the time passes. If you think you are pregnant, then you must be aware of early pregnancy signs as well.

Listed here are 7 early signs of pregnancy

1. Tender breasts

This is perhaps the first sign of pregnancy. After conception, there may be hormonal changes in your body. This may make your breasts tender or sore. Some women also experience soreness in the breast area. Tender breasts are also a sign of early PMS. So, it’s important to take a pregnancy test if you have a doubt of pregnancy.

early signs of pregnancy

2. Nausea

Morning sickness or nausea is again a classic pregnancy symptom. It’s an early sign that indicates pregnancy. This mostly begins one week after the inception of pregnancy. Some women also have sensitivity to smells along with nausea. Cooking and perfume smells can cause nausea and vomiting depending on the body. If you are experiencing morning sickness or nausea every other day, it is time to take a pregnancy test.

3. Food cravings

Food cravings get stronger when you are pregnant and this is also an early sign of pregnancy. With normal changes in the body, some women might turn up to some foods like coffee or fried food. Food cravings normally start after one week of getting pregnant. Strong food cravings are also a contributing factor to nausea or morning sickness.

4. Headache

Headache is a common sign of early pregnancy. While some women rule out the sign as a general one, it could be related to pregnancy. Increased blood circulation in the body caused by hormonal changes may trigger the condition of headache in women. In early stages, it may be mild but it also depends on the body type of individual woman. Some women also experience dizziness along with headache.

5. Fatigue

Fatigue and tiredness start after a week of conception. You may feel tiredness and weakness after doing your daily chores. For some women, the sugar level gets low and progesterone levels rise, this causes weakness. If you are feeling tired after working for a few hours, then it’s possible that you may be pregnant, this is also an early sign of pregnancy.

6. Mood swings

At the onset of pregnancy, most women experience mood swings. The flood of hormones in the body causes this condition. Some women get emotional or even cry. This mostly continues until the first trimester of pregnancy. If you get irritated without a reason, it’s time to buy the pregnancy test kit.

7. Missed period

This is the most common early sign of pregnancy. But, a missed period does not always indicate that you are pregnant. At times, missed periods can be because of stress or any other health issue. If you have missed your periods and you sense you are pregnant, then you can take a pregnancy test. It’s always good to be sure when you feel that you are pregnant.

early pregnancy symptoms

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