Getting older is never easy, especially when it comes to your looks. A lot of people are made to feel as though getting older means that they no longer have any beauty to offer the world. Of course, getting older doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the way you look. The problem that a lot of women run into is the fact that their skin makes them look older than they are. Women in their twenties being mistaken for their thirties, women in their thirties mistaken for their forties, you get the idea.

But what can you do? Is there some way that you can stop your skin from prematurely ageing you? Here are just a few incredibly simple things that you can do to stop your skin from ageing you too fast!

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how to prevent aging skin

  1. Stay hydrated

One of the major issues when it comes to most people’s lifestyle in the modern era is that we’re not drinking enough water! Sure, people drink a lot throughout the day. But it’s generally things like coffee, tea, soft drinks, or alcohol, all of which are terrible at keeping you hydrated. If you’re drinking things like that, which are all diuretics, then you’re going to end up with skin that’s dry, oily and poorly hydrated. You’ll start to lose a lot of that plumpness and firmness that is so often associated with healthy skin. There’s no specific limit on how much you should be drinking every day but around two litres per day is a good amount to aim for.

how to prevent premature skin aging
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2. Find the best possible products

In the same way that some treatments don’t work, not all skincare products are made equal. And you’re going to have to dig through plenty of stuff that does nothing before you find ones that work. Fortunately, there are some telltale signs of things that will actually help. For one thing, if a product promises instant results and some kind of miracle cure, it’s probably not going to work. No matter how good a product might be, it’s not magic. Things like black seed oil can offer great results. So can products with ingredients like retinol. Just don’t expect to instantly look ten years younger.

ways to prevent early skin aging

3. Go without makeup

Makeup is great! It lets you express yourself. Helps you feel more confident, and can help you make an outfit really pop. However, if you’re piling on the makeup every single day then your skin simply isn’t going to get the chance to breathe. That means you’re going to end up with blocked pores, dry skin, and you could even end up breaking out in spots because of it. As wonderful as makeup can be, it’s a good idea to go without it for at least a couple of days a week if not more. That way you not only allow your skin some air and space to breath, but you’re going to be able to learn to appreciate your bare face just a little bit more.

Important to remember that you only have to do these things if it’s something that impacts you and your perception of yourself. If you’re happy with your skin, then it makes no difference what anyone else tries to tell you. If you feel beautiful, then you should embrace that every single day and never try to change for anyone else!

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