Don’t Let Your Chore Be A Chore Anymore

Most of us like our homes to be presentable. We spend so much time and money on perfecting our decor that it would be a shame for us to let our places go, after all. However, most of us, if we’re being totally honest don’t really like doing those essential household chores. Sure, they’re necessary, but they’re pretty boring and they take up precious time that could be spent doing something more fun, right?

Well, do I have good news for everyone reading this! There are lots of simple things anyone can do to make their chores less of a…well chore. Check them out:

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The most obvious way to significantly cut down your chore time and make it a lot easier to manage, if you do most of the chores at least, is to delegate. If you have children, a spouse, roommates, etc., then draw up a chore chart and ensure everyone does their bit. Yes, it might be more of a chore for them, but it will be less of a chore for you, and much fairer too!

Buy a Better Vacuum

If you’re using a big old bulky vacuum cleaner, you’re making life so much more difficult for yourself than you need to. Drop some money on a much lighter, more convenient and effective model – this  Shark Ion Flex 2x review would indicate that it is a good choice-  or a robotic cleaner, which takes away the work completely, like the ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S and you’ll get the vacuuming done in record time with minimal effort to you. Clean carpets don’t have to mean hard work, they really don’t!

Go Minimalist

Okay, so this one might seem a bit extreme, but if you really loathe doing those chores like dusting, washing and vacuuming, then going for a more minimalist home decor will remove much of the work for you. How? By eliminating the clutter that you really do not need or even like, and which you would otherwise have to clean, maintain and move around in a bid to keep the place spotless. It’s pretty simple really.

Clean Up After Yourself

I know what you’re thinking, I’m supposed to be making chores easier for you, not more difficult, right? Well, it might not seem like it at first, but when you really think about it, cleaning up after yourself is the best way to make chores less of a chore.

I mean, if you wash those dishes right after you eat, put your clothes away as soon as you get undressed and pick up those toys after the kids have finished playing with them, it’ll take you a few seconds to a couple of minutes at the most on average, which is fine, right?

Imagine adding up all of those seconds/minutes and having to do chores for that combined amount of time in one go, not such a nice thought is it? No, cleaning up after yourself is the way to go.

Or you could just hire a cleaner, I guess!

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