Don’t Let School Uniforms Undo You. Get On Top With These Tips

how to care for school uniforms

Schools and uniforms. The debate about whether the two should meet is endless. As a result, many schools have turned away from traditional attire for a less formal dress code. But some schools still make strict use of uniforms. And, if your children’s school is one of them, there’s every chance you get pretty stressed about it.

After all, issues of right or wrong aside, uniforms put pressure on us parents. Far from being able to dress our kids in any clean pair of jeans we find, we have to ensure they have a clean uniform at all times. And, that’s not easy. After all, kids are messy, and there’s every chance their clothes will need washing after one day’s wear. What’s more, washing machines aren’t always reliable. And, clothes can take a while to dry.

It’s enough to make your head spin. And, to ensure you can cope with the workload, you may want to consider the following tactics.

Develop a workable washing schedule

Most of us have at least a loose schedule for washing our clothes. It may be that we do our laundry on the same day each week, for instance. Or, it might be that we do specific colors at certain times. Either way, we’re creatures of habit. But, you may need to take your schedule up a gear when you have a uniform to keep on top of.

For instance, one wash each week may no longer cut it. Instead, there’s every chance you’ll need to add a mid-week wash to the mix. You may also need to reassess the time of day in which you put a load in. Evenings might have served you in your pre-uniform days, but there’s no way things will clean by morning. Instead, then, consider only ever putting laundry in before mid-day.

Keep emergency numbers on hand

Even with a reliable schedule, a broken washing machine is more than enough to throw your preparations. And, if it happens when you have a load of washing waiting to go in, you could soon find yourself in trouble.

As such, you need to turn to a washing machine repair company as soon as humanly possible. So, make sure to do your research and make a note of numbers when everything’s running smooth. Then breakdowns won’t turn into disasters because you’ve already prepared.

Always have uniforms in reserve

Perhaps most crucial of all is the need to keep at least one clean set of uniform spare. That way, emergencies and messy kids aside, you can ensure they always have a spare set of clothes to turn to. What’s more, this should save you having to do rushed loads of washing on unplanned days. You can be cool as a cucumber when your mud-encrusted kids get in the car. And, you won’t have to hold off plans while you quickly stick a load in the machine. You can just open your trusty reserve drawer and rest easy that all is well.

tips for caring for school uniforms

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