Try These 3 Practical And DIY Ideas To Create A Sustainable Wardrobe

The fashion industry is fast-paced. An outfit that is in trend today will get outdated tomorrow. In such a scenario, purchasing trendy clothes is not only a waste of money but also affects the environment.

According to statistics, textile wastage has doubled in the last 20 years. In 2018, 14 million tons of clothes were thrown away. In addition, many exclusive brands also admitted to burning their clothes instead of selling them at a lower price to protect the brand value.

But is throwing away clothes the right approach?

The answer is definitely NO!

Instead, the right approach is to purchase sustainable and upcycled clothes. Or, you can also repurpose your wardrobe. Not only will it elevate your closet, but also helps protect the planet.

So, without further ado, let’s learn 3 practical ways to repurpose your wardrobe.

woman wearing off-shoulder top

3 practical ways to repurpose your wardrobe

Off-the-shoulder shirt

Off-the-shoulder dresses and tops are great. They instantly make a person look pretty cute. However, to get this look, you need not burn a hole in your pockets. Instead, you can try out a simple hack to turn any button-up shirt into an off-the-shoulder one.

For this, all you need is a shirt. Yes! That’ll be all. Simply wear the shirt as you normally would, but leave the first few buttons undone. Pull the shirt off from both shoulders to create an off-the-shoulder look. You can also fold the collar of your shirt inside to give a more sleek look. You can also create a bow or roll up the sleeves to make them look more casual.

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Embroidered top

Embroidered tops give such a stunning appeal to your entire look. It is especially great if you don’t feel like getting ready but also doesn’t want to look too simple. Embroidered tops paired with high-waist jeans come right in the middle. The best part? You can create it yourself.

Here’s how:

  • Get a simple t-shirt or purchase one online from the sustainable women’s clothing section. (Note: Sustainable clothing because your purchase will help save mother earth. Many sustainable brands also plant trees to repay nature for its resources)
  • Get your favorite embroidery thread and scissors.
  • Select the session where you want to add the design.
  • Trace the pattern you want to put on your t-shirt.
  • Start embroidery. And you’ll be all done!

Tip: If you don’t know how to do embroidery, select easy designs such as a box or a heart. Believe it or not, it’ll only take a few minutes to learn and finish the design. Also, you can sew some custom embroidery patches to add a unique and trendy look. Make a custom patch with the help of a custom patch maker. And another thing is this custom patch maker is affordable and comes with no minimum order.

woman wearing embroidered top

Side stripe pants

Side-stripe pants are all over the internet. They add a unique touch to everyday jeans and are perfect for an effortless look. Plus, you can use your old jeans and upcycle them into stripe ones.

Grab your old jeans, but make sure they fit you perfectly. Besides that, you need to get velvet ribbon (approximately 1 inch) and iron-on adhesive tape. Use the tape to secure the ribbon with jeans, and you are all done!

Nonetheless, make sure to read the instructions on the tape and not burn yourself.

Wrapping it up!

These are some of the easiest ways in which you can repurpose your wardrobe. Not to mention, you can do everything mentioned above in just 5 minutes. Also, these little efforts will help in protecting your planet.

3 DIY ideas to repurpose your wardrobe

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