For Fine Dining at the Best Thai Restaurant, Here Are 6 Tips to Help You Through

The kingdom of Thailand has many attractions like the many beaches, to the amazing temples. The nightlife of Pattaya is also something which attracts people from all around the world. Even though there is so much to enjoy in Thailand, the fine dining at the best Thai restaurant is what attracts the tourists the most.

Thai food has a unique taste to it. With the combination of garlic, herbs, Thai chillies and many other ingredients in noodles, rice, soups, salads and grilled food add another dimension to the food served here. Thai food is available and loved all around the world, but nothing beats the original Thai food which is only available in Thailand. To enjoy the food though, one needs to know the correct etiquette and table manners.

6 Tips to Enjoy Fine Dining At The Best Thai Restaurant

To fully appreciate the rich culture, warm people, and delectable cuisine of Thailand, it is important to observe proper table manners. We sought guidance from Alisa, the owner of a Thai gambling website (Thai Casino) and a part-time tourist guide, who has compiled a list of six essential tips for Westerners to adhere to when dining in Thailand;

Dinner Etiquette for Drinking:

It is very important to note that if you have a guest with you, you should always fill their glass. It’s customary that no one fills their own glass and it is considered a huge disrespect.

Dinner Etiquette for Utensils:

Chopsticks are not used in traditional Restaurant. To experience fine dining at the best Thai restaurant, one must use a spoon and fork. Knives are not used traditionally.

Dinner Etiquette in Restaurants:

There is always a situation where you might be asked to share a table with someone. Now if this happens do not force a conversation, just act as if you are in a private table.

Dinner Etiquette for Toothpicks:

While using a toothpick, use one hand to pick your teeth while using the other hand to cover your mouth like a mask so that the process could be hidden.

Dinner Etiquette for Beginning To Eat:

It is customary that if you are having fine dining at the best Thai restaurant or not, you let the oldest person eat first. If all of the people are of the same age then it is necessary to let the host eat first.

tips for dining at a thai restaurant

A Few Famous Dishes in Thailand

Now that you know most of the etiquette, let’s accustom you with the famous dishes of Thailand.

Thai Green Curry with Chicken:

For fine dining at the best Thai restaurant experience, you must have the Northern Thai Noodles with Curry. Known as Khao Soi in the native Language, it is a noodle preparation, with the main focus being on the broth of the soup.

Fried Rice:

Rice is a common factor or dish in every Asian cuisine and it’s the same for Thai. Khao Pad or fried rice is a very famous dish in Thailand, with the only difference from the other fried rice’s of other cuisines is that in Thailand, Jasmine rice is used instead of normal rice.

Minced Pork with Thai Basil And Fried Egg:

Also known as Pad Grapao Moo Sab Kai Dow in the native language, is sold in every Thai restaurant. It is a very important dish if you want to experience fine dining at the best Thai restaurant.  It’s like a staple food for Thailand.

Thai Style Grilled Fish:

Pla Pao is a Thai dish made with snakehead fish or red tilapia. It is eaten with rice and is a very spicy dish.

Thai Style Fried Noodles:

Pad thai is like the comfort food for all of Thailand. Obviously, people who want to have the fine dining at the best Thai restaurant experience should also have this dish. The preparation of the dish is exactly like fried rice.

To experience fine dining at the best Thai restaurant, ordering the correct food and proper table manners both are required.


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