Different Kinds Of Kraft Bags And Their Uses

uses of kraft bags

The name Kraft paper is enough to hit our imagination with those brown papers which are used to pack a sandwich. But with the kind of business opportunities available, we have been blessed with different kinds of Kraft bags with unique applications for each.

Different types of papers which are available with Kraft Bags Wholesale Sellers:

Virgin Natural Kraft Paper

This paper is a boon for all the heavy lifting we have to do. This paper is resistant to wear, and tear compared to the other papers available in the market. It is a clean, durable and low-cost paper making it popular for such work. Thus, due to such excellent properties, it is majorly used in works of packaging, printing, layering, wrapping and dunnage.

Natural Recycled Kraft Paper

This paper is also used for similar purposes as the previous one, but it is not as strong and tear resistant as the virgin natural paper. It is a better option for the environment as it is more environment friendly. It also is used for wrapping the bottom of the newspapers.

Black Kraft Paper

Black kraft paper is dark in colour and is used for photo frames for an excellent background. A lot of artwork involves using this particular paper.

Not all the Kraft papers are used for the purposes of bags. The rest of the article sums up the different categories of bags which are sold by the Kraft Bags Wholesale Sellers.

Bags are an integral part of any business and an excellent promoter of business. They help in expanding business opportunities and thus every decision related to bags becomes integral.

Here are some of the different types of Kraft Bags available in the market:

Paper Lunch Bags

The paper lunch bag is the most popular type of Kraft bag out there. It is used for a variety of things like carrying small objects like lunch to school and office. This bag stands out for its typical brown colour which is synonymous with Kraft Papers.

But keeping up with the world, the manufacturers of these bags have started selling coloured paper bags to the Kraft Bags Wholesale Sellers. The coloured bags have become quite popular now owing to the fact that brown paper bags have become a boring option.

Merchandise Bags

The merchandise bags are being used by almost all the stores now in the world. With the awareness of plastic pollution, companies have stopped using plastic bags and now use Kraft paper bags widely. The bags are stylish and have a fashionable way of bringing goods and commodities home.

They are also used in parties where with little innovation from the side of event planners, the bags become customised and work as means of bringing home a token of appreciation.

Mailing envelopes

As the name suggests, mailing envelopes are used popularly for sending documents across. The bags have an additional layer of protection which keeps the documents safe. They are widely bought from the Kraft Bags Wholesale Sellers and resold in small quantities.

Recycled Bags

As already mentioned above, the sellers of huge retail brands are becoming environment friendly. They are trying to opt for a better option and becoming conscious towards the environment. Thus, these are the best option among all other Kraft Bags.

These are just few of the many bags which are available today. Each bag has its own base of customers. The Kraft Bags Wholesale Sellers keep most of the bags described above. They are a good option for promoting your brand and distinguishing it from your competitors.   

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