How To Design And Build Your Own House – Step By Step Guide

Designing and building a house is as hard as it seems, there are dozens of things you need to think about. That being said, it is not something impossible, with the right guide you can get it done with very few hiccups.

So if you’re curious to know how to design and build your own house, give this article a go. It covers everything you need to get started!

How to design and build your own house

We have put together the whole guide in several steps so that it would be easier to understand and apply.

Step-1: determining the location

If you are thinking of building a house, then probably you already have land or have chosen one to purchase. Whatever it is, this is where you start. The location of the house will determine the design of the house if you want a well-designed one.

One most important thing I’d like to remind you is, the land you are choosing should have good road access. Yes, I know that every house will have a way to come but having a proper road will be easier for you. The road should allow emergency and parcel delivery vehicles.

Step-2: discussing the budget

If you are a little tight on the budget, make sure to discuss that with the architect you hire. Tell the architect the budget you have for the house, that will help him to come up with a suitable design for you. It is not only about the design, the material plays a major role as well.

For example, if you build a house with wood frames, that will cost 50% less than it would if you build one with stone, ain’t that right? So like that, there are so many other materials as well which the architect can advise you on.

Step-3: designing the floor plan

Designing requires knowledge and experience. If you have that, you can design your own floor plan which would be the best route, as you would be able to design the house just how you like it.

There are a bunch of resources online that can help you put a blueprint. Once you are done making one, don’t forget to get that checked by a professional.

However, if you’re not a designer then it is best to hire an architect. And don’t think you won’t have control over the design, a good architect will put your preferences into the design so that you like it.

Hiring a good architect and working with them is a kind of collaboration, where you make them understand the plan you have in mind and they give it a final shape.

Tell them how many rooms you’d need, how big they would be, will there be balconies, if yes, what will be the sizes, where the washrooms will be and their sizes, etc, etc. Tell them everything you have in your head.

You’ll have to put a good amount of time into figuring out things with the architect. Once the architect understands your plan, they will come up with a sketch, and later on, they’ll make it more detailed.

And finally, if everything seems okay, they’ll come up with the final blueprint. Make sure to visit the location with your architect so that they’ll be able to plan rooms with the best views. Plus, it will help them make a design that will allow proper sunlight into the rooms.

Step – 4: hire a builder

Well, this is a very sweaty job, to be honest. You’ll have to do a lot of searching and go through a lot of bargains. But one thing that can make the process easier is if you get a suggestion from your architect.

Usually, architects stay in touch with builders as their works are extremely related. If you think your architect has done a good job in the design, and you trust them, then ask for a suggestion.

Once you contact a builder, show them the blueprint, and they give you a budget, do not hire them immediately. Try to go through their previous projects to see if they are actually worth the price. And also try to contact a few other builders, check their portfolios, and compare all the builder’s prices.

Now you have to do the math. I’m not telling you to hire one that charges less, no way. What you should do is, give priority to the quality. If you find a builder who has done impressive projects in the past and they are confident about your work, then hire them even if they cost you more.

Step – 5: get authorization and permit

You’ll need authorization and a permit for building any structure that would require electricity, water, air conditioning, etc. There are dedicated departments for such authorizations and permits.

Once you submit the needed files, an inspector will go through all the files to check for any kind of issues. He/she will check through the design as well, if everything seems okay you’ll get the permit to build the house. Otherwise, you’ll have to revise the plan or do things as the inspector tells you to do.

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Step – 6: find a way for water connection

If you are building a house in a developed area then it wouldn’t be a problem but in undeveloped, rural areas it is quite a task to get a reliable water source to the house.

Here, you’ll have to work with your builder to find an efficient way to connect water to your house plumbings. And getting electricity and others is pretty easy to get in the present time.

Step – 7: do frequent checking

Building a house takes a long time. And most of the time it exceeds the planned time frame for unexpected issues.

Once you have sorted out everything, don’t put everything on the builder, visit the site and check the progress. See if there is something wrong, and ask questions, mistakes in the building process are the last thing you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to make a barndominium building in Tennessee?

Well, that depends on the size and design of the barndominium, how experienced the builder and the crew are, the weather, and many other factors. However, making a usual barndominium building in Tennessee might take around 8 – 15 months.

Is it cheaper to make your own house?

Yes, building houses of your own costs less but it takes a long time. And if the owner isn’t an experienced builder, there are chances of disaster.

Is it hard to design your own house?

To be honest, it is quite challenging to design your own house. Because at a point you actually get confused about which design is better and you are always hovering over different designs, and can’t pick one. However, it is a piece of cake for professional designers.


Let’s get one thing straight, you can’t do everything. And to be honest, unless you are an experienced builder or architect, you shouldn’t try to build and design your own house alone.

Find a good architect and builder, collaborate with them, tell them your vision, make them understand your plan, try to understand them, and then you can surely have something that will fit your needs.

However, if you have gone through the entire guide, you know how to design and build your own house. Hit me up through the comment section if you have any queries.

How To Design And Build Your Own House? - Step By Step Guide

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