Deep Cleaning Tips For Your Home

The time has arrived. It’s time to deep clean your home. Most of us keep on top of the tidying pretty well, and we have a good old clean when we can, but there is no real replacement for a deep clean. Many spaces and place get left (gathering dust literally) for ages before you notice.

If there is a special occasion coming up, that tends to be when the deep clean happens, but if you do it a little more often, it takes far less effort.


No one loves this job, but it has to be done. Your toilet is used so many times a day, and a quick scrubs isn’t really going to cut it. The best thing to do is to clean the siphon. To do this, you will need to turn off the water and flush the toilet until the bowl is empty. Cover the siphon with duct tape and pour some vinegar into the tanks and flush. The vinegar will be stuck inside of the siphon. Let this get to work overnight and remove the tape in the morning. It will be sparkling clean.


If you have wooden sides or chopping board grab some lemons and salt. Wood tends to get a lot of little nicks and grooves that really need a good clean out. Rub the wood with some salt, which will lift all of the debris and soak up all. Once there is a layer of salt on it, cut your lemon in half and use it like a sponge to rub around to wood.


Although there are many tips and trick for getting rid of mold, more often than not it is easier to get someone to have a look at the type of mold you have and the treatment it would need. Remove mold as soon as you can, it spreads quickly. 

deep cleaning tips for your home

Hard Water Stains

Roll up, roll up lemons are stepping up to the plate once again. If you have an old bathtub or shower, you might find you have stains from hard water. Often left by dripping taps, and noticeable in web-like lines on other areas of the bath. Use half of a lemon and rub them on to get them out. It might need a few treatments to get this out properly.


If you have comfortable leather couches and find that the leather is a bit scuffed, you can treat them with a soft cloth and some olive oil. Gently dab all of the scruffs and marks, let them soak and dry for an hour, and then wipe it down with another clean cloth.

Shower Head

They can be a pain in the butt sometimes, but simply wrap a sandwich bag filled with vinegar around the shower head and leave for a while. After a few hours, give the bag a prod, and you’re likely to see little flecks of limescale in there. Remove the bag and clean away any residue. Run the shower for a minute to get rid of any clogs in the holes.


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