A Simple Guide To Decorating A Nursery Room In The Right Way


Nesting mothers will relate with the urge to prepare the perfect room for the newborn baby. Decorating a nursery will leave you feeling overwhelmed, especially with the many aspects you consider. Your nursery need not be too crowded and chaotic, and it should also make life with a newborn a bit easier.

If you do not have much experience in design and wish to decorate a nursery room in the right way, this article will provide you with a few tips. Let us get right into the nitty-gritty!

13 tips for decorating a nursery room

Decide on a theme

Selecting a suitable theme is easier said than done. When choosing what theme to incorporate in your nursery, you need to consider the size of the room, its long-term use, and your personal preference. Go with colors that can soothe a fussy baby, and don’t be too quick to buy the paint.

Ensure your scheme is well balanced with minimal chaos. If you are not getting a breakthrough in color, select your preferred decorating style, such as rustic designs inspired by nature or shabby chic.

Create a project board

Now that you have a rough idea of how you want your nursery to look, create a mood board to help you visualize your dream nursery. Include your must-have pieces in your vision board and use a rectangular piece of cardboard to make a cut and paste collage.

You could also create a 3D digital version of your dream nursery if you want to go a step further and take the more sophisticated route.


Decide on a specific focal point

Every room needs a focal point that will act as an anchor to your design. This focal point should be the first thing a person notices when they walk through the door and capture their interest. You can decide to set an accent wall as the focal point and place the crib beside it.

Set a consistent color theme

Setting a consistent color will prevent your nursery from looking chaotic and haphazard. Select one color and play around with different shades to bring your nursery to life. If you have no idea how to select a color theme, look for inspiration online and look into the emerging color trends to give your nursery a modern touch.

Match your paint to your textiles

Shopping for items for your nursery is already a tedious task. Do not make it harder on yourself by trying to match the textiles and beddings to your walls because you painted them first. We recommend purchasing curtains, beddings, and prints that you like, and only then can you begin searching for wallpaper or paint to match.

Install black-out shades

Lighting is a critical aspect of a nursery. Ensure your nursery has a natural light source such as a window to let plenty of sunshine in. Keeping the room bright during the day is one way of letting your child know the difference between day and night.

You also want a space that can be made pitch black even during the day when the sun is out. Installing blackout curtains will help you put your baby to sleep easier and help them establish a sleep pattern.

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Select appropriate crib bedding

Select patterned bedding that compliments each other to avoid clashing and chaos. You can accentuate with the right toys or adding something like a moon and star pillow to your baby’s crib and a lot more! Just pick those that stick to your pre-defined theme!

Draw inspiration online

You might not have all the answers, especially if you are a rookie in interior design – Google various images and designs of nurseries for boys and girls, as well as gender-neutral themes.

Pinterest is also a good place to draw inspiration as there is no shortage of excellent concepts. Pin the ones you like best and start working on your design from there. Take as many screenshots as you need!


Purchase basic items first

We recommend buying the essential pieces, such as a crib, changing station, and a storage unit if your nursery doesn’t have an inbuilt cabinet. After you have arranged the basics, you can better assess the space you have left and determine what you need to add. You will also be able to select the room’s focal point or turn a blank wall into an accent wall.

Bring the nursery to life by painting

After you are satisfied with the colors of textiles and the furniture you have selected, you can now go ahead and start hunting for the paint to match your theme.

Clear the room, cover the table with a polythene sheet, and prep the walls for a fresh new coat. Ensure adequate ventilation as you paint and use high-quality, VOC-free, or plant-based paint for a perfect finish.

Decorate the nursery

Keep in mind that the room will only be a nursery for a short time unless you plan on having many babies in a row! Do not splurge on pink or blue decorations; instead, decorate the room so that you can transition it to other uses in the future.

We advise you to stick with neural decorations and have a few pink or blue pieces that stand out. Incorporate the deco in your house to the nursery to reinforce cohesiveness.

Baby proof the room

Make sure you babyproof your nursery by avoiding drop-side cribs. You can do so by anchoring furniture to the walls using braces installing window stops and baby gates. Avoid placing heavy objects on top of tablecloths and install plastic protectors over electrical outlets.

Create storage space

Baby shawls and heavy comforters might take up more space than expected, not to mention the many clothes your baby will need. As your child grows up, they will also need a place to store their toys. Ensure you create adequate storage space in your nursery to help you become more organized.

Final remarks

While your baby might not understand the effort you put into decorating their nursery, we assure you that a well-thought-out nursery will send the feel-good hormones surging through your body. Do not be afraid to DIY a few items to save a few bucks and add your personal touch.

A Simple Guide To Decorating A Nursery Room In The Right Way

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