We all keep our home decors curated in a certain way that makes the most sense to us. This might be a list of items we have collected over the years, or some that might have been passed down to us. It might be that you have a certain taste, a certain style, or a certain longing to replicate your home in the style of a certain era.  That’s absolutely fine. More power to you, no matter how you want your home to look.

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But how custom is it to you? Could it be that heading to the local home furnishings store and purchasing the most popular items on sale could simply give you a home layout identical to the one your neighbors might also have?

With the following tips, you can truly ensure your home is yours and only yours, from the decors up.


Custom Materials

 You might consider using custom materials to help you manufacture something special to you. For example, using discount fabric in a style you find the most appealing can help you begin to manufacture curtains . Or a fabric room divider, or even serve as a pillow cushion. When purchasing enough of a certain style or matching styles, you can continue a theme throughout your house or select rooms that you absolutely adore.

Not only that, but the creation of these can help your living space truly stand out. And you’ll have a great conversation starter for anyone who asks you where you sourced those items. You might also choose to implant your own decorations or to make them more personalized for you. Not only will this help your home look beautiful, but it can serve as a continual source of pride that you made the effort to enjoy these yourself.


Custom Furniture

It might be that you decide to make your own furniture. This could be something simple, such as restoring your woodworking class skills through the art of a television stand. Learning how to manipulate wood yourself. Aside from that, you might decide to use reclaimed wood with some form of personal significance to you, and associate with a carpenter to have this work completed. For example, let’s say that the old home your grandparent used to live in is sorely in need of being demolished. This can be a very sad circumstances for you and your family. However, it might be that to make the most of this situation, you gather the front door, or another important fixture of the home, and transform it into a furniture piece with pride of place in your home. No one else can replicate the familiar significance and story behind your creation. Before you know it you’ll have a family heirloom on your hands. Of course, using the right carpenter will also help you gain a beautiful piece. The only one in the entire world of it’s exact make and design.

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With these simple and short tidbits of advice, you might remember the value of customizing your home to fit you. Not simply decorating your home based on the current home furnishing store’s offerings.

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