Suddenly Crypto Investments By Women Are Surging According To The Latest Trends

Women and investments are two sides of a coin. Blockchain network in the form of gold, stocks, bonds, savings, or even in liquid form has always been of interest to women. A similar pattern and investment approach are seen with crypto funding as well.

While the craze for crypto investments continues to grow, there has also been increasing in the number of women investors across the globe.

According to a recent survey carried out by BlockFi, more than 33% of women are interested in crypto investments. They are either planning to buy crypto assets during the year or have already made this investment model a haven.

When a similar survey was conducted six months before it was found that only 22% were interested in funding their investments. Over the last six months span, there has been an increase in investment and interest as well.

Is there a spike in investment in the global market?

BuyUCoin a crypto exchange based out in India had recently announced its market analytics on this trend. The exchange had announced that the platform witnessed an increase in investment by more than 120%.

Year on Year (YoY) the overall investments have spiked and most of these registered users are women. Another interesting factor is the volume of investment being made. Every women investor registered through this exchange today carries out a transaction at a minimum of 20k.

Yet another interesting study that came out of the above analytics is the age group of these women investors. One in every five users is aged under 35. Now does this suggest that millennial women are on the lookout for smarter investment options? More than 35% of this investment group belongs to the age group between 25 – 35 years.

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The market analytics has also thrown an insight into the professions handled by these women investors. Most of these women investors are either entrepreneurs or hold professional jobs like doctors, engineers, or even lawyers.

More than 90% of these investors have made Ethereum their popular choice of investment. Other popular coins that have attracted investment from women include Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, Cardano, and Polygon as well.

This increasing trend in the global cryptocurrency market attracting women investors have forced crypto exchange also work differently. These platforms are now looking at options on how these platforms can be made user-friendly with more offers made to women investors.

What is a major attraction for women in such investment models?

Along with other insights, BuyUCoin had also brought out another pretty interesting analytics. Most women tend to invest in cryptocurrencies to achieve their financial wishes and goals. This goal could be anything ranging from travel to buying a luxury car and apartment. These investments are long-term enabling growth in financial plans and also providing a higher return on current funding.

Another interesting point to note is the increase in the number of female participants in crypto forums and workshops. Today, women investors from across the globe are participating in workshops, seminars, regulations, and setting up companies that run on blockchain technology and other features of cryptocurrencies.

This is a positive approach to this investment model and allowed for awareness amongst young investors as well. Multiple initiatives including scholarships, and women’s cryptocurrency communities are growing rapidly.

These communities and forums focus on and encourage women from across the globe to start their crypto investment journey. The recent pandemic also worked as a catalyst for boosting crypto investments by women.

Despite the growing volume of women investors and investment volume the inhibition of cryptocurrency being a male dominating industry continues.

Interesting study on the risk awareness

Women tend to study all the risks related factors before making any investing plan. Also, another notable factor is the risk appetite carried by women investors. It is understood that the young generation of 18 – 35 has a high-risk appetite as compared to investors in other age groups.

Cryptocurrency, like other investment models, also has its risks. There is high price volatility and prone to market fluctuations as well. Hence, before making any investment decision it is important to study the investment model. Make sure that your investments enable you with futuristic returns.

Suddenly Crypto Investments By Women Are Surging According To The Latest Trends

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