18 Creative Wine Cork Crafts You Can DIY

If you are a wine lover, then chances are you have a lot of wine corks around unless you throw them away every time. If you throw your wine corks away, then I’m sure these wine cork crafts will change your mind.

You can start storing your wine corks and upcycle them for use around the home. Don’t worry if you have no wine corks. You can get some wine corks for craft purposes here.

Below are a few ideas on how to upcycle wine corks. Once you have your wine corks you will need glue to get them to stick together for your craft. A good glue for wine corks is the gorilla clear glue.

Wine cork crafts to make

Wine cork Christmas tree

You can make a beautiful Christmas tree using wine corks like these Christmas tree below. Once your Chrsitmas tree is done, you can wrap a washi tape around it to make it more beautiful.

wine cork christmas tree
photo by @kjwines via instagram
wine cork craft for christmas

Wine cork letters

You can also make a monogram with a wine cork. This can be the first letter of your name. You can also do more letters to spell a word.

image by @lasaq on instagram

Wine cork key holder

You can also make a key holder with your wine cork.

wine cork keychain


You can also make any symbol you want and use it as a decor piece. If you are into cars, then you can use the symbol of your favorite brand. It doesn’t have to be just cars, any symbol you want, like a heart.

This wine bottle and glasses art will be a beautiful decor piece for your home bar and a great wine cork craft to try your hands on.

wine cork craft

Wine cork wreath

Make a beautiful wreath for your front door using wine corks.

wine cork wreath

Wine cork planter

If you like gardening or you want to decorate your room with plants, then make a planter using wine corks.

wine cork planter

Wine cork ladle holder

You can also make a ladle holder with wine corks. This makes a beautiful decor piece for your kitchen.

wine cork craft

Creative gift wrap

How cute is this creative wine gift wrap. If you are thinking of gifting someone a nice bottle of wine, then try this gift wrap idea.


You can also make a coaster with wine corks.

Wine cork snowman

How adorable is this wine cork snowman? For your Christmas decor pieces, you can use wine corks.

wine cork snowman

Wine cork phone holder

Make a phone holder with wine corks.

wine cork craft

Wine cork pencil holder

If you want your pens and pencils to be organized on your table, then this wine cork pencil holder will be great for you.

wine cork craft
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  1. September 2, 2019 / 9:58 pm

    Pinned!! I love that cork phone cradle. Would like to make some for everyone for Christmas. Sounds like I need to get busy drinking a whole bunch of wine!!

  2. October 23, 2023 / 11:02 pm

    Did you use a cone frame to glue whole or half corks for your tree?

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