18 Creative Wine Cork Crafts You Can DIY

If you are a wine lover, then chances are you have a lot of wine corks around unless you throw them away every time. If you throw your wine corks away, then I’m sure these wine cork crafts will change your mind.

You can start storing your wine corks and upcycle them for use around the home. Don’t worry if you have no wine corks. You can get some wine corks for craft purposes here.

Below are a few ideas on how to upcycle wine corks. Once you have your wine corks you will need glue to get them to stick together for your craft. A good glue for wine corks is the gorilla clear glue.

Wine cork crafts to make

Wine cork Christmas tree

Transforming wine corks into a Christmas tree is a delightful craft that brings festive joy and sustainability together. Begin by arranging the corks in a pyramid shape, starting with a broad base and narrowing towards the top. Secure each cork in place using hot glue or another adhesive suitable for crafts.

Once the tree shape is formed, top it with a star to symbolize the Christmas spirit. You can make the star from various materials such as cardboard covered in glitter or a small decorative ornament.

To add a personal touch and enhance the tree’s visual appeal, consider wrapping colorful washi tape around the corks. This step not only adds vibrant colors but also allows you to customize the tree to match your holiday decor theme.

Display your wine cork Christmas tree on a mantle, shelf, or as a table centerpiece. It not only serves as a unique decoration but also sparks conversations about creativity and sustainability. This craft is a wonderful way to celebrate the season while repurposing materials creatively, making it both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

wine cork christmas tree
photo by @kjwines via instagram
wine cork craft for christmas

Wine cork letters

Create a personalized monogram using wine corks by arranging them to form a letter of your choice. This craft idea allows you to showcase your initials or spell out a meaningful word, adding a unique and customized touch to your decor. It’s a fun and creative project that can serve as a thoughtful gift or enhance the aesthetics of your own space.

Use hot glue or another strong adhesive to secure the corks in place on a backing board or canvas. You can leave the corks natural or paint them to match your decor theme. This craft not only repurposes wine corks creatively but also allows you to personalize your living space in a meaningful way.

image by @lasaq on instagram

Wine cork key holder

Transform your wine corks into a practical key holder by attaching hooks to a sturdy board and using wine corks as decorative accents. This DIY project combines functionality with style, providing a unique way to keep your keys organized and accessible.

Simply secure hooks evenly spaced along the board and hot glue or screw wine corks around them for added visual interest. The natural texture and varied hues of the corks add a rustic charm to the key holder, making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Hang it near your entryway or in a convenient spot at home to ensure your keys are always within reach while adding a personalized touch to your decor. This craft not only repurposes wine corks creatively but also serves as a practical solution for everyday organization.

wine cork keychain


Create a personalized decor piece using wine corks by arranging them to form a symbol that reflects your interests or passions. Whether it’s a car, heart, or any other symbol, this craft idea allows you to showcase your personality in a creative way.

Simply outline the shape of your chosen symbol on a backing board or canvas, and arrange the wine corks accordingly using hot glue or another adhesive. This project is both simple and enjoyable, offering a quick way to add a unique touch to your home decor.

Display your wine cork symbol on a wall, shelf, or as part of a gallery wall to highlight your interests and personalize your living space effortlessly. It’s a fun DIY activity that transforms wine corks into meaningful and decorative art.

Wine cork bottle and glasses

Create a charming wine bottle and glasses art piece using wine corks to celebrate your love for wine. This craft idea is perfect for decorating your home bar or dining room with a touch of rustic elegance.

Arrange wine corks to form the shapes of wine bottles and glasses on a canvas or backing board, securing them with hot glue or another adhesive. You can personalize the art piece by using corks of different colors or sizes, or by creating intricate designs to enhance visual interest.

Display your wine cork art prominently to showcase your passion for wine and add a unique conversation piece to your decor. It’s a creative and enjoyable DIY project that transforms ordinary wine corks into a meaningful and decorative artwork.

wine cork craft

Wine cork wreath

Create a welcoming touch for your front door by crafting a wreath from wine corks. This DIY project combines simplicity with charm, offering a unique way to greet guests and add a splash of color to your entryway decor.

Arrange wine corks in a circular pattern, securing them to a wreath form with hot glue or wire. You can alternate natural and painted corks to create a visually appealing contrast. Enhance the wreath with ribbons, bows, or other decorative accents to suit your style and season. Crafting a wine cork wreath is not only a creative endeavor but also a fun activity to enjoy with friends or family.

Display your handmade wreath proudly on your front door to showcase your craftsmanship and add a touch of warmth and personality to your home’s exterior. It’s a delightful way to repurpose wine corks and create a lasting impression for visitors.

wine cork wreath

Wine cork planter

Create a charming planter using wine corks to showcase your favorite plants and add a whimsical touch to your home decor. This DIY project offers a creative way to repurpose old corks and minimize waste while enhancing your indoor or outdoor space.

Construct the planter by arranging wine corks tightly in a container or box, ensuring they are secure and stable. You can line the inside with plastic or a waterproof material to protect the corks from moisture. Plant small succulents, herbs, or flowers in the planter to create a delightful miniature garden that reflects your green thumb and love for sustainability.

Display your wine cork planter on a windowsill, shelf, or outdoor patio to bring natural beauty and eco-friendly charm to your surroundings. It’s a fun and inventive craft that combines gardening with recycling, making it both practical and visually appealing.

wine cork planter

Wine cork ladle holder

Create a practical and stylish ladle holder using wine corks to organize your kitchen utensils with flair. This DIY project involves gluing wine corks together in a row to form a sturdy base for holding ladles and other cooking utensils upright.

Choose corks of similar size and shape for uniformity, securing them tightly with strong adhesive or hot glue. The natural texture and warm tones of the corks add rustic charm to your kitchen decor while providing a functional storage solution.

Display your handmade ladle holder on your countertop or near the stove for easy access during cooking. It’s a simple yet creative way to repurpose wine corks and add a personalized touch to your culinary space. This craft not only enhances kitchen organization but also showcases your creativity and eco-conscious mindset to guests and family alike.

wine cork craft

Creative gift wrap

Create a charming and thoughtful gift presentation by using wine corks to wrap a bottle of wine. Start by wrapping a ribbon around the bottle and then attach wine corks in a decorative pattern along the ribbon.

This simple yet creative craft idea adds a personal touch to your gift, making it stand out and showing the recipient that you’ve put thought and effort into their present. The natural texture and rustic appeal of the wine corks complement the wine bottle beautifully, creating a unique and memorable presentation.

This DIY gift wrap not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also reflects your creativity and appreciation for recycling materials in a meaningful way. It’s a fun and imaginative way to repurpose wine corks while delighting someone special with a beautifully wrapped gift.


Craft stylish and functional coasters using wine corks by arranging them in a square shape and securing them with glue. This straightforward DIY project not only protects your furniture from water rings but also enhances your decor with a touch of rustic sophistication.

Choose corks of similar size and shape for uniformity, ensuring they are securely bonded to withstand daily use. Optionally, you can personalize the coasters by painting the corks or adding decorative accents to match your home’s aesthetic.

Display your handmade wine cork coasters on coffee tables, dining tables, or bars to showcase your craftsmanship and add a charming conversation piece to your living space. It’s a practical and enjoyable way to repurpose wine corks while elevating the functionality and style of your home decor effortlessly.

Wine cork snowman

For the holiday season, why not get creative and make a wine cork snowman? Get into the holiday spirit by crafting a charming wine cork snowman for your Christmas decor.

Stack wine corks vertically to form the snowman’s body, securing them with glue for stability. Add whimsical touches using felt or paper accessories such as a hat, scarf, and buttons to bring your snowman to life. This delightful DIY project is perfect for adding a festive and personalized touch to your holiday display, spreading joy and cheer throughout your home.

Display your wine cork snowman on a mantle, shelf, or as a centerpiece to capture the whimsy of the season and bring smiles to everyone who sees it. It’s a creative and enjoyable way to repurpose wine corks while celebrating the magic of Christmas with a unique handmade decoration.

wine cork snowman

Wine cork phone holder

Create a practical and stylish phone holder using wine corks. This craft idea keeps your phone secure and accessible while it charges or you watch videos, adding a unique touch to your workspace or bedside table.

Simply stack wine corks in a row, gluing them together securely to form a stable base that supports your phone upright. This DIY project repurposes wine corks creatively, providing a functional solution that enhances your daily convenience with a touch of eco-friendly charm.

wine cork craft

Wine cork pencil holder

Create a charming and practical wine cork pencil holder to keep your desk organized. This easy DIY project repurposes wine corks creatively, providing a stylish solution for storing pens and pencils.

Simply glue wine corks together in a cylindrical shape, ensuring they are securely bonded. Optionally, decorate the pencil holder with ribbon or paint to match your desk decor. This craft not only adds a touch of charm to your workspace but also showcases your creativity and eco-conscious mindset by repurposing materials in a functional way. It’s a simple yet effective way to enhance desk organization while incorporating a unique and personalized touch to your office or study area.

Whether you’re looking for a creative way to recycle your wine corks or simply want to add a unique touch to your home decor, wine cork crafts offer a fun and versatile way to get crafty. So gather up those wine corks and let your imagination run wild, the possibilities are endless!

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