Creating A Store That Creates Better Customers

Running a successful retail store is all about the customer. Having the product they need alone isn’t enough. You have to make sure that it’s set in a location perfectly primed to encourage better customers.

What do we mean by better customers? We mean those more likely to stick around and end up purchasing something as opposed to taking a look before leaving.

Here are a few ways you can use the store itself to encourage that.

how to attract customers to your business
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Entice them with your best stuff

Your products might be the first and most important part of enticing your customer. When it comes to lifestyle purchases like fashion, that’s an essential truth of the industry. Using those products as advantageously as possible is what visual merchandising is all about.

Learn how to put your most attractive and inspiring products up-front. As well as how to arrange displays that encourage shoppers to explore more of the store, getting more eyes on more of your products.

how to attract customers to your business

Brand to their eye

The products aren’t the only visual material that matter, of course. Think about who your audience is. When choosing things like wall-art or other branding material, think about what it communicates. Not just in general but to the market you’re specifically trying to target.

For instance, a casual, bright, and “pop” inspired aesthetic in a store will likely appeal to younger girls instead of older women. Think about how the visual language of your store relates to the individual you are most trying to attract.

Make the mood

Visuals are only one part of it, as well. You want people to be able to relax and to engage so fully in the in-store experience that they might not quite notice how much time they spend there. The senses besides vision can play a huge role in this.

Using commercial scent machines to create a pleasant, calming scent can create a much more pleasing sensation and experience in the store.

Similarly, relaxing background music that isn’t too upbeat or active can encourage shoppers to get into a more easy-going and open mindset.

Create the mood that makes them more susceptible to the products you’re trying to sell.

Encourage them to spend more time there

Visual merchandising leads them through the store, and the right scents and sounds can help lure them into an easy-going mood. Both of these practices encourage them to forget about how much time they spend in there.

Other businesses go a little outside the box in encouraging the same thing. Some provide coffee machines or stations or offer free treats.

In makeup and perfume stores, free testers are a great way to encourage spending more time trying out products, too.

Many retail stores are getting creative in not only how they set the perfect ambiance for customers but also in how they encourage them to spend more time there.

Do the same and you could find you make a little more money for every person that sets foot through your front door.


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