How To Write A Resume: Complete Guide

Writing a resume is very important because it can help you land your dream job. We would like you to know that writing a resume is not easy, especially for your first job application.

In this article, we are going to tell you all about how to write the perfect resume. Today modern resume builders can help you in creating visually appealing CVs. Still, at the same time, you must also get familiar with the expert guidelines. 

So without any further ado, let us dig into the details of the important guidelines that can help you create the best resume.

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 Important guidelines for writing a resume!

If you want to create the best resume, then we would suggest you read the points that we have discussed below:

Choose the right format for the resume

Writing a resume is secondary. First in the list is the selection of format for the resume. Different kinds of resume formats are considered to be best for different kinds of job applications and applicants.

The three standard resume formats commonly used across the globe are reverse-chronological, functional, and combination formats.

The reverse-chronological format is where you would be highlighting your work experience followed by education and achievements.

Functional resumes are where you can highlight your skills if you don’t have much experience.

And the last combination resume format is the one in which you can highlight both your experience and skills. You can easily find the perfect resume template for you with the help of Design Studio’s resume templates free.

Write personal details and contact information on the top

When you are writing your resume, the first thing you need to add is your personal information and contact details, which would help the recruiter connect with you. You have to write your name, phone number, formal email address, and links to your social media profiles in this section.

The important thing you need to focus on is providing the hiring manager with accurate information in this section. The hiring managers will spy on you anyway, so it is best to guide them on the right path.

Write down a powerful heading statement 

In resume writing, an objective statement or resume summary is very important. You have to write a statement that can briefly inform the hiring manager about you and why you are the right candidate for the job.

The main purpose of this statement is to give out the best impression to the recruiter. You should know that a resume summary statement is the most effective if you already have work experience, and an objective statement is most effective if you are applying from scratch based on your education or skills.

Write down your relevant work experience in the resume

Today, writing generic resumes won’t help you. Recruiters today are more inclined towards hiring candidates who have relevant work experience for the job post. We would like you to know that whenever you are applying for a job, you must write down and highlight all the relevant work experience you have to the post.

A better approach would be to list down the work experience in reverse chronological order. In the work experience, you have to mention your job title, the company you’ve worked in, the employment date, your key responsibilities, achievements, and other necessary details that can win the HR’s interest.

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Write your education in the right way

A very common mistake that we see in resume writing is the wrongful portrayal of the education section. The education section, which you should know, comes after work experience; in this section, you have to write down all of the degrees you have from the highest one to the lowest.

You can add your honors or relevant course works that you have studied in the course. This section is important to highlight if you are applying for your first job.

Write down relevant skills to the job’s listings 

Whenever you write a resume, you have to make sure that the skills you add align with the job post’s requirements. A very important thing in resume writing is relevancy. You have to ensure that all the information you add to the resume is extremely relevant to the job listings.

Especially when adding this section, you must highlight communication skills, technical skills, job-specific skills, and many others. You can get help in this section if you are using an online resume builder.

Online Resume Maker – Easy solution to resume writing

Today, there is no need for you to spend much time writing a resume as there is free access to online resume builders. A resume builder can provide you with pre-designed resume templates to find all the sections and categories you need to highlight in the resume format. To create a brand new resume, simply replace the text in the resume template with your personal and professional information. 

How To Write A Resume: Complete  Guide

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