5 Common Kinds Of Eye Tests

kinds of eye tests

An examination of eyes mainly comprises of a series of tests to check whether the vision of the person is in order and also if the eyes are healthy and working perfectly.

There are various kinds of tests that are involved using varied techniques and equipment. The tests are decided by the doctor as per the state and requirement of the patient. The advanced eye tests are used to detect many eye problems that can be rectified in the early stages.

Here are a couple of 5 different types of eye tests that are used commonly:

1. Dilated Pupils:

This is a common eye test.If the condition is such that the doctor needs to take an in-depth look into the eyes and study the internal structure of the eye then they opt for this kind of examination.

In this case, a solution is applied to the eyes to dilate them. It takes about 30 minutes for the eyes to get fully dilated. Once the eyes are completely dilated the doctor takes a close look to examine them. Post the examination, the eyes take about an hour to come back to the normal size.

2. Visual Chart reading:

This is another usual type of eye test done by the experts. This test involves reading a chart that is kept at a distance. The test is done to see if one’s eyesight is perfect and if one can perfectly see objects at a distance with the naked eyes.

It also tests the ability of the eyes to focus on the objects that are kept at a distance. Ideally, with age, the functioning of the eye and the visual acuity starts to decline. This test is known to check the same.

3. Colour Blindness:

Statistics show that colour blindness is not a rare ailment. Rather, one in 5 people is known to suffer from the this. People are often asked to undergo the colour blindness test to see if it is a mere inability to recognize colour and differentiate two colours or something more than that. These eye tests are also recommended to patients suffering from liver ailments and sclerosis.

4. Cover test:

This eye examination is often recommended when one is not being able to focus on an object as his eyes are not working perfectly. In these eye tests, an object is kept at a distance and the doctor asks you to cover each eye individually and see if you focus with the one open eye only.

This examination also helps them to gauge if the speed of the uncovered eye to adjust is normal or lagging. This test helps to determine ailments like strabismus, mild binocular vision problem, lazy eye and so on.

This test actually helps to see that even if both the eyes are working perfectly together if they are also working perfectly by themselves.

5. Retinoscopy:

These kinds of examinations actually help to check if the retina is working properly. In this case, an eye chart is kept in a dark room with a large E on the it. The chart has a big light focusing on it. The doctor exposes one eye at a time through filters of various lenses.  Depending on the reflection of the light from the eyes the diopter can be ascertained.

There are various kinds of eye tests that are recommended by doctors from time to time depending on the nature of the problem of the patient. The above mentioned are 5 common eye examinations that are prescribed by doctors worldwide. These eye tests help the doctor to identify where the problem lies and helps them to cure it.

common eye tests

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