Common Bathroom Design Blunders

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Have you moved into a new home? Perhaps you have grown tired of the current design of your bathroom? A simple bathroom makeover can feel overwhelming, but there is no need to stress. If you avoid the common bathroom design mistakes we mention below; you will be well on your way to a stylish and functional bathroom

Opting for carpet

You may think carpet in the bathroom is a good idea, as it will keep your feet warm and make the room cosier. However, it is better to opt for ceramic or porcelain tiles instead. Carpets quickly deteriorate due to the steam and humidity, so your nice, new carpet won’t look so good in a few months time.

Choosing the wrong tiles

While you are advised to choose tiles, you still need to make sure you do so with care. Tiles look very different on their own. Think about the size of the tiles, their colour and where they are going to be placed before you make your final decision. It’s easy to fall in love with the design of a single tile. But when your bathroom is covered in it, the end result can be very different from what you expected.



Neglecting those finishing touches 

Make sure you keep a small amount of your budget aside for finishing touches. Once your new bathroom has been fitted, these will make a real difference. It is important to think of things such as shutters, blinds, window seals, lighting, doors and door handles.

Not considering your lifestyle and bathroom use 

It is all well and good creating a bathroom that looks amazing, but you also need to consider your lifestyle and how the bathroom is going to be used. For example, it is a good idea to consider a low-line bath if you have children. Or if you have a lot of beauty items; you need to carefully consider what storage solution you opt for.


Don’t overlook the importance of mirrors

Bathroom mirrors are essential. Not only is a mirror a practical fixture, but also it can make the bathroom look bigger, brightening up a small or awkward space. So, make sure you choose a mirror with care.

Don’t make lighting an afterthought 

Lighting should be planned from the outset when it comes to bathroom design. This is both in terms of making the space look great and usability. There is nothing worse than a bathroom that looks dull and dark.

Suppressing your personality

Last but not least, you can show off your personality when designing your bathroom. It does not need to be a place that is simply for brushing your teeth; it can be the stand out room in your home.

If you avoid the mistakes that have been mentioned above, you will have a much better chance of creating a bathroom that looks incredible and is suited to your lifestyle too. So, remember, choose tiles with care, don’t forget to consider bathroom use, and make sure you keep some money back for those all-important finishing touches.

common bathroom design blunders to avoid

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