Frugal Living Tips: Clever Ways To Save Money

smart ways to save money

One major difficult thing for most people to do is to save money. It’s not like they don’t want to, they really want to. Everybody will love to have some money in their savings account at the bank.

If you want to be able to save money for the future, one important step is to cut costs when possible. And that means to cut down your expenses. This is because even if you work three jobs and earn a lot of money, you still can’t save if you keep making unnecessary purchases and investments.

Below are 45 clever ways you can save money.

  1. Create a budget and stick to it
  2. Cook more
  3. Take your own breakfast/lunch to work
  4. Carpool
  5. Buy in bulk
  6. Shop with a list
  7. Compare prices before purchase
  8. Shop less
  9. Sell items you dont use
  10. Use energy efficient appliances
  11. Be energy efficient (turn off appliances when not in use)
  12. Use coupons
  13. Buy second hand
  14. Workout at home
  15. Freeze leftovers
  16. Finish up leftovers
  17. Shop garage sales
  18. Cut out cable/ satellite TV
  19. Cancel subscriptions
  20. Mow your own lawns
  21. Have a no spend challenge
  22. Grow a garden
  23. Use the library
  24. Shop clearance sales
  25. Use cloth diaper
  26. Be a one car family
  27. DIY when you can
  28. Upcycle old items
  29. Don’t use credit cards
  30. Plan your meals
  31. Do your own repairs when you can
  32. Save on cigarette and alcohol
  33. Wash dishes by hands
  34. Practise air drying
  35. Skip soda and juice; drink more water
  36. Skip bottle water
  37. Do your own nails
  38. Do your kids hair
  39. Organize your pantry (it helps to know what you have)
  40. Use public transport
  41. Wash your own car
  42. Cancel your home phone plan
  43. Walk or use the bike when possible
  44. Use fan more
  45. Close the tap when not in use
ways to save money
frugal living tips

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