Clever Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For Form And Function

Your kitchen cabinets form a huge part of your kitchen. You need them for storage, and they combine with your countertops to make the most of the space you have. Both lower and upper cabinets can serve practical purposes and make your kitchen look beautiful too.

If you think it might be time for some new ones, there are all kinds of things that you can do to update your kitchen. Don’t just think about how they look, but also about the practical ways you can benefit from new kitchen cabinets. Try these useful ideas to make the most of them

Pull-out Shelves

Your kitchen cabinets can give you plenty of space to store your pots and pans, and various other kitchen accessories. However, they’re not always the most practical or organized spaces. To avoid having to empty a cabinet every time you need something, you need some storage solutions.

If there’s one thing you need to learn about kitchen remodeling, it’s that there can never be too much storage. Pull-out shelves are an excellent solution. They allow you to organize food or kitchen equipment and easily access it when you need to. They’re particularly good for base cabinets.


Lazy Susans

A lazy susan might seem a little old-fashioned to some. But they’re one of the most useful things you can have in your kitchen cabinets. Like pull-out shelves, they make organization a lot easier. When you need to access something, you don’t need to go digging around in your cabinet.

Just turn your lazy susan and bring the item you need to the front. They come in lots of different sizes, so you can find ones suitable for tiny spice jars or for large pots and pans. Fitting them into corners where cabinets join up is a great idea that uses space well.

Flush, No Handle Cabinets

You want your cabinets to look good too. One of the ways to do that is to rethink handles. Instead of having handles on your cabinets and drawers, choose push-operated mechanisms. A light push on the corner of your drawer or cabinet, and it will pop open on its own.

Or you can have overhead cabinets that open from underneath with a discreet lip for pulling out, or base cabinets will a moulded pull-out design along the tops of the doors. Handleless cabinets are also safe, and they give your kitchen a sleeker look.

Glass Cabinet Doors

If you’re wondering how to make your kitchen look bigger or brighter, consider glass cabinet doors. They help to give the appearance of more space by letting you look into your cabinets. Of course, you might not want them if you have perpetually messy cabinets! They’re best for the cabinets you use for glasses, plates and other crockery. You can even use lights inside your cabinets as an extra touch to brighten things up.

Transform your kitchen with new cabinets if you’re looking for not just a new look but practicality too. They can give your kitchen a new life.


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