Who Can Resist These 4 Classic British Dogs?

In desperate times such as these, having a furry friend to keep your company, go walks with and generally, use for emotional support, is a godsend.

If you have had your mind made up for you as the pandemic draws on and on, and you do plan on getting a dog, you might be asking yourself what kind of pooch should join you?

Well, he’s going to become a member of your family almost, so he or she needs to be an awesome dog in every sense of the word. The pooch you bring home needs to be docile, friendly, funny, happy, and always down for anything you are.

We believe that the dogs that fit this long and demanding bill, are some of the classic British favorites. We have compiled a list of the top 4 best British dogs that will fill your life with joy.

Top 4 British dogs

British bulldog

British bulldog

How on earth could you expect us to start this list, without mentioning the British bulldog first? The British bulldog is incredible in every sense of the word.

They are kind, caring, very chilled out and most of all, they are hilarious! They have been known to have the most personality out of any domestic dog there is.

They always get into mischief, they love to tease you and tussle with you. They want to be part of the family. Despite their ferocious past of fighting bulls, they are very relaxed and are one of the most trusted dogs around small children. 

British bulldogs are couch potatoes. They love and we mean, LOVE, to snooze. They are your favorite sofa pillow, as they just love to nap and lie down on the sofa with you. They’re the perfect company to have when you are on another Netflix binge.

Be warned though, they do need to be looked after. The skin on their nose tends to fold and it can get sweaty, stinky, and infected if you don’t wipe it down regularly.

They also need to be taken on walks, just like other dogs. Otherwise, they get fat quickly. The trouble is, getting a British bulldog to go on a walk isn’t an issue, it’s regular walks they don’t like. But on the whole, they are awesome.

Border collie

Border collie

One of if not the smartest domestic dog in British households, is the loyal border collie. These precious black and white sheepdogs are bred to be obedient, loyal and caring about their owners.

They are working dogs, bred for work in the countryside. We truly believe that they make the best family dogs, besides labradors. They are extremely quick learners, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up training them.

Border collies need to be active, they have to be taken on two walks a day, per minimum. They love to run across fields and be out in the open air. Hence, they are perfect for anyone who lives in a rural part of the country.

Border collies are great family pets. They have developed a very trustworthy reputation because they hardly ever show signs of aggression, let alone actually hurting you.

They rarely bark or growl, and they show their frustration usually by gnawing on your furniture. It’s better than having your dog bark in your face. Border collies need an active owner, do you fit this description?

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Welsh corgi

Welsh corgi

Known in some circles of the British people, as the dog of royalty, the Welsh corgi is well known around the world for one reason. Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth II, has had a whole bunch of corgis throughout her life and we can see why.

They are a mix of British bulldogs and labradors when it comes to their temperament and personalities. They are very docile, very easy going but they love to have little moments of sassiness and selfishness.

Corgis need to be pampered. They are very happy when they are brushed, stroked, pet, and cleaned. 

They have short legs, so their belly fur tends to get a little dirty if they have been running around in the garden, or at the park.

We highly recommend that you get your corgi a groomer service that you can use, at least once every 2-3 months. Corgis are brilliant around children and they love to be part of family activities.

Loyal Labradors

Loyal Labradors

Who can deny the lovable face of a labrador? They are probably Britain’s favorite dog breed. Even though the Brits have a soft spot for their bulldogs and corgis, if they were honest they would admit freely, that labradors are their number one favorite.

However, it’s not just the blonde lab that is loved in the UK, here you will find all the kinds of labs in the world. Grey and blue eyes, black labs, blonde labs, and of course, chocolate labs.

On this website, you can find chocolate labs that have been properly bred, with longevity in mind and good temperament as well. The chocolate lab is very popular because of its rustic charm. Bred to work in water, the woods and in the fields, labs are working dogs too.

Labs are very trusted around children and other dogs. They have perhaps, the single-best personality for families, in the world. Very loving, patient, caring, kind, and understanding.

They can pick up on our cues very well. They know when we need to be left alone, when we want to have fun and joke around, or when we want quiet.

Labs do need to be taken for two walks a day, although some labs do okay with just one long walk. We recommend that you allow your lab to play in water too, as their double coat is waterproof and allows them to perform well when wet.

These are 4 classic British dogs that the island nation loves dearly. We all know about the British bulldog and the corgi, but the border collie and the lab are also much-loved. We can’t say which would be best for you, but we hope this list brought you closer to making a decision!


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