5 Things to Consider While Choosing the Right Window Blinds for Your Home

If the windows are considered to be the eyes of a home, then the blinds and drapes would be the eyelashes. For as long as windows have existed, people have used creative and inventive ways to decorate it, create privacy, or simply block out sunlight.

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Many companies like Plantation Shutters have gained success through selling window blinds alone, and the industry still continues to grow. What this means is people are gaining interest in consciously installing blinds not just for functionality but for its aesthetic purpose as well.

The industry might be saturated with window blinds, shades, and curtains, many people still find it hard to decide on the right one to have installed at home. It is for this reason that we’ve created this list to help you select the right blinds that can complement the design element you’ve chosen for your home.

choosing the right blinds for your home

Things to consider when choosing blinds for your home

Blinds vs. Shades

People are always getting these confused despite their obvious difference. Blinds are considered to be a hard window covering made with slats. The slats are controlled by a pull cord that opens and closes the blinds as well as adjusts the slants for light control and privacy.

On the contrary, shades are soft window covers usually made with fabric. It’s drawn up or down using a cord or rolled up. Unlike blinds, shades can’t control the level of light entering the room when they’re pulled close.


Before you jump on your car and run to the nearest Home Depot or Ace Hardware to purchase blinds, you first got to measure the windows. Consider also if you want the blinds to be either inside or outside the recess. Inside recess is best for smaller rooms and best paired with curtains.

Outside recess is ideal for larger rooms with larger windows because it is able to block out more of the light that’s coming in. Remember also to consider the pulley and that they should be accessible should you wish to open or close the blinds.

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There are two styles of blinds that widely popular for home use: the vertical blind and the Venetian blinds. Vertical blinds usually open from side to side and are perfect for patio doors or floor to ceiling windows.

Venetians blinds are the more popular of the two and feature horizontal slats connected with strings. These blinds are raised from the bottom to the top.

Miniblinds are also another style quite similar to Venetian blinds although these have small slats at about one inch thick.


Blinds come in many materials and they are chosen depending on the room for which they will be installed. Wood blinds are a great alternative to shutters and exude warmth unto the room. These are ideal for rooms with a little more moisture like the bathroom or kitchen.

Metal blinds are usually made from light and rust-proof aluminum and create an elegant look. Metal blinds are commonly installed in living rooms or in bedrooms.

Plastic or faux wood blinds are also an option. They are a lot cheaper compared to other materials mentioned but less durable than wood or metal.


Getting blinds installed are a fairly easy venture. Most are designed to fit windows with simple tools such as screws and screwdrivers. Keep in mind that some blinds might have different instructions for installation so it’s important to read the manual carefully.

However, you should consider getting a contractor or someone similar to install blinds that cover big windows. It could prove to be dangerous if you do it yourself owing to the fact that a ladder might be required to have it installed. It is best to err on the side of caution.

Blind can be a wonderful accent to a room. Windows become a little more appealing to look at with blinds and they’re great at controlling the amount of sunlight that enters the home. And like curtains and shades, they offer privacy for you and your family.


Author Bio:  Sarah Brooks loves to expound on innovative and affordable home improvement and home renovation ideas. She also blogs at Shuttersoflondon.org, which has over 14 years experience in the window furnishing industry, including shutters, blinds, awnings and security roller shutters.


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  1. April 13, 2021 / 2:22 am

    I liked the part of your article that talked about wooden blinds and how they’re great for areas with high moisture like the kitchen. Decorating my house seemed fun at first until I realized that our large windows would need some form of coverage to protect us from the natural light and heat that might come from the summer season. The kitchen is one place that needs this the most, so I’ll look for any place I can get wooden blinds from right away.

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