Centerpiece Kitchen Island Decor Ideas and Guide

Visually, it’s easy to find centerpiece kitchen island decor ideas from the internet. But if you’re looking for a guide, where do you go? Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place!

This article will explain in detail the timeless kitchen island centerpiece decor ideas. Additionally, we will discuss a few items which are a must-have for your island. Without further adieu, let’s begin! 

Centerpiece kitchen island decor ideas

Here are some kitchen island centerpiece ideas which are certain to work well for you. No matter what kind of kitchen island you have, all of these ideas can be applied.

Display Seasonal Fruits And Flowers

fruits on kithen island

Whether it’s summer, winter, or spring, you can always add colors to spruce up your centerpiece kitchen island. Mangoes, bananas, melons, or any fruit that the season calls for can be displayed.

You can top it off with a handful of plants and flowers. If it’s a rose season, choose a color that works well with the fruit. Or, just go with greenery! Almost everything suits green plants and leaves.

Use the best looking kitchenware

kitchen island decor with cookware

Some of us tend to stock our pretty spoons, knives, and forks for an important occasion. Well, with a Centerpiece Kitchen Island, every day is an important occasion!

Whether you use it or not, always display your best kitchenware on the island. It helps to set it apart from the rest of your kitchen decor. Do keep in mind that the kitchenware should be consistent in terms of color and design with the rest of the decor. Decorating the centerpiece with silver, gold, and platinum may not look pretty all at once!

Using a runner to dress up the table

Runners add a touch of elegance and poise. The vibrancy of the kitchenware and fruits is perfectly balanced with the softness of a runner. 

You can use one or multiple runners, depending on how big your centerpiece is. Do keep in mind that the color scheme of the runner should serve as a subtle background. If you’re not using any other decor whatsoever, you may use a colorful runner pattern.

Choose a theme

“Go with the flow” doesn’t necessarily apply to a centerpiece kitchen island. It’s at the center of attention, thus requires a bit of thoughtful decoration.

Similar groupings in the kitchen’s center can make a powerful visual effect. Whether you choose coordinating vessels, bowls, colors, or have coordinating sets, to begin with – use it. Present your decor thematically, not randomly. The attic and basement are there for random stuffing, not the kitchen island!

One is enough

One is enough for decor style and for marriage! Jokes aside, a minimalistic decor is both relaxing to see and eat on.

It could be only fruits, or just a few kitchenware pieces, or an empty vase. That’s right, an empty vase. It’s not how you fill the spaces that make the most impact but how you arrange the empty spaces. Having said that, it won’t hurt to fill that vase with flowers if you want to!

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Which items are essential for a kitchen island?

Now that we discussed the kitchen island decor ideas, let’s talk about some items that have no alternatives. These items are essential, no matter what decor you use. You can skip some, but keeping them will provide more benefits than not keeping them.

Elegant kitchen sink with faucet

kitchen island faucet

Large kitchen island centerpieces will benefit from a sink and faucet. It’s much easier to wash there than having to move back and forth between the main sink.

But using any sink-faucet combination may not be a good choice. Remember, we are concerned with the decor! The faucet and sink should be refined both in terms of looks and quality. Luckily, there are a lot of amazing kitchen sinks with attached faucets in the market. According to plumbers expert, Moen kitchen faucet would be the best choice.

Try to pick a style and goes well with your centerpiece top. Modern kitchen island decor is not modern without a sink-faucet combination!

Large bowl

fruits in a large bowl on a kitchen island

It’s not any bowl that you’ll need, but it needs to be a large one. This reduces the need of using multiple bowls and ruining the aesthetic. A large bowl allows you to place a wide variety of fruits and snacks in one place. Because it’ll be at the center, it’s going to look nice and also be easily accessible by everyone.

Cutting Board

cutting board

Chop chop! It’s cutting time. But where do you cut?

Of course, a cutting board can be placed inside a drawer and brought out if needed. Chances are, you’ll be needing it every day. Which kitchen goes on without a day of cutting?

Keeping it on the centerpiece makes it quick and accessible for cutting fruits and vegetables. Especially if you have children around the home because you never know when they’ll finally agree to eat those apples!

Artificial plants & greenery

artificial plant decor

Plants are almost a must-have for the centerpiece island. But plants also mean dirt, ants, and bacteria.

That is where artificial plants come in. Artificial plants make life much easier by eliminating the need to water and clean soil on the kitchen table. There is going to be a lot of food around it; thus a real plant would inevitably attract issues. Additionally, one artificial plant will last forever!

You can use real plants if you have experience maintaining greenery in the kitchen. We also recommend real plants as that is the more environmentally-friendly approach. Regardless, use plants. They provide a sense of calm and make dining more enjoyable.


No matter how great a cook you are, you can always be better. That’s why a cookbook is needed for every kitchen. But why on the centerpiece?

Let’s say you need to quickly review a recipe halfway through the cooking process. Do you go around the kitchen pulling out cabinets and drawers, searching for it? Having it in the kitchen is much more convenient. You can also place it under the centerpiece if there is shelf space.

Important FAQ’s of Centerpiece Kitchen Islands

Do I need a centerpiece for my kitchen island?

Yes, and yes. A centerpiece will make the island pop like nothing else. Apart from the decor, it has practical benefits too. It protects the wooden table underneath from spills and scratches.

What do you put in the middle of a kitchen island?

You can put a large bowl or vase. The bowl services the purpose of practicality by having fruits and snacks on it. The vase is merely a decorative choice.

Should you put placemats on the kitchen island?

Placemats can be used on the kitchen island, but do try to keep them thematically consistent with your decor. There are a lot of runner sets that come with matching placemats, which you could use.

What is the ideal stool size for the kitchen island?

For stools and chairs of any kind, ergonomics come first. The stool should be of such a height that the hands rest gently on the island without any strain. It’s a better choice to purchase stools with adjustable height.

What to keep on the kitchen island?

Fruits, Plants, Bowls, Vases, Cutting Boards, Flowers, Runners, Kitchenware – all of them can be kept on the kitchen island.


What are you waiting for? It’s time for you to take advantage of these Centerpiece Kitchen Island Decor Ideas! Make the best use of them, and bring your kitchen island to the center of attention!

Centerpiece Kitchen Island Decor Ideas and Guide

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