The Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets

dog taking CBD oil from dropper

The pet industry is responsible for making some significant contributions to our pets’ health. If you’re trying to provide the best living conditions for your cat or dog, you might try including CBD in their daily routine. Our furry friends don’t always accept changes easily; luckily, you can easily administer it with oil and some delicious treats available on the market.

Many people choose to write off the substance due to its connection with marijuana. They automatically assume that every cannabis plant has THC, the compound famous for its mind-altering effects. Well, that’s not quite the case. We’re talking about products derived from hemp, a relative of marijuana, but not at all the same.

This is precisely what makes CBD products so beneficial for your animals. You can think of them as perfectly natural tranquilizers: they soothe and balance out your pet’s mood, helping them with many physical and mental health issues ranging from arthritis to severe anxiety and depression. Click here to learn more.

A practical solution

We already mentioned oil as one possible product. It’s one of the most popular CBD products for a reason:  it’s easy to use, easy to digest, and its health effects are scientifically proven.

How does it work inside the body of our dogs and cats? The endocannabinoid system, better known as ECS, serves as a host by connecting with the substance through its receptors. It’s not limited to animals only: all mammals have it. Oil is very advantageous in that it achieves this effect quickly. Let’s look at some easy methods of administering the oil.

How to administer cbd oil for pets

Direct dlacement

One of the easiest ways is to put oil drops in your pet’s mouth. CBD oil usually comes in a small, convenient dropper bottle. You can easily control the recommended dose in this way. Your dog or cat should quickly get used to it: only make sure you aim carefully so they won’t gag; otherwise, they could show aggression. It’s a good idea to give them a treat afterward to make sure they swallow it all.

Research has shown that this is the fastest way for your four-legged friend to absorb CBD. This is especially true if you drop the oil under the tongue. If you want the pet to have a delicious experience, you could also put the oil in their favorite meal.

Mixing it with food

pet food mixed with CBD

We all know how excited our beloved pets get when it comes to food. If you have a dog, you know perfectly well what we’re talking about. So, why not use the opportunity and make the meal even healthier?

Although the taste of CBD is not especially strong, it still could repel some animals. By putting the oil in a snack, the taste of food masks its flavor, so the pet probably won’t even know it’s there. If you choose this option, it’s best to stick to dry food:  if it’s wet, the compound usually doesn’t mix with it

It’s necessary to pay attention to the dosage if you combine the oil with food. Always start small: allow your dog to get used to CBD, and then gradually increase the dosage with time. Although there’s no such thing as CBD overdose, improper quantities could result in unwanted side effects.

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Benefits of cbd oil for pets

Dealing with anxiety

CBD offers a broad range of health benefits. It’s primarily known for its effect on the nerves, so if your dog or cat is a bit on the edgier side or dealing with a more severe form of depression, the oil might be the ideal solution. Go to for more information.

Our pets are very attached to us owners. Dogs and cats have different ways of expressing this, but love is always there. So if they feel neglected in any way, if they think you don’t spend enough time with them, they could get aggressive, even destructive around the house.

Separation anxiety is a frequent issue with pets. If their owner is away for a more extended period, they feel it. CBD will help to relieve them of restlessness until you get back. They could also get anxious as a result of excessive noise, like fireworks or thunder. With the help of cannabinoids, they will handle the issue much better.

Physical relief

The benefits are not only psychological: vets commonly prescribe CBD for seizures and epilepsy, for example. In fact, natural products such as OIL are much healthier than other medicines in this regard, which might damage the animal’s liver.

What if your little friend is going through pain? Oil will help them feel much better. It’s especially effective with nerve-related pain and inflammation. Or if the issue happens to be arthritis, CBD could improve their mobility and relief pain in the joints.

Sometimes your pet will refuse to eat for one reason or another. Instead of force-feeding it, use the appetite-boosting quality of products such as Cheefbotanicals to get them back to normal.  If the condition persists, however, consult your vet to check if it’s something more serious.

Final Verdict

So far, scientific studies have been giving the “thumbs up” to CBD. Some experts claim that it could even help cancer. However, it’s best to wait for a solid proof before making claims of this magnitude.

Even if it’s only hear-say, the advantages mentioned above should give you a clear idea of how beneficial CBD can be for your pets. Even if they aren’t able to say it, they’ll indeed thank you for it.

The benefits of CBD oi for pets

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