4 Causes Of Commercial Water Damage

Residential water damage can ruin a few of your stuff and make your family uncomfortable. Commercial water damage, meanwhile, is far worse. Water damage in the office can make visiting customers uncomfortable. It can result in the damage of office equipment, destruction of computer files and paper records, and loss of income.

Commercial water damage can also create an unclean working environment that hinders the productivity and effectiveness of your staff. In a worst-case scenario, water damage can cause great structural damage, bringing your Indiana business to a standstill.

If you are experiencing commercial water damage, here are four areas to look at.

water damage

Causes of commercial water damage

1. Faulty roofing components

Are you experiencing water damage in your office? If yes, your roof is one place to check. Your roof remains one of the most important components of a high-rise or commercial building. It acts as a shield against the elements.

Damage to your roof can lead to water intrusion on some level. Slight water leaks can result in a pool of water over time and, if left unchecked, can cause damage, both visible and invisible.

Inspect your roof regularly and carry out proper maintenance to reduce the chances of water damage from a leaky roof. Don’t hesitate to contact professionals dealing in commercial roofs in Indiana for inspection and repair if you notice any fault. Sometimes, you may have to replace the roof to prevent future catastrophes.

2. Damaged pipes and sprinklers

If your roof isn’t the source of water damage, you may want to shift your attention to the pipe and sprinklers. Are the pipes in your office worn out or rusty? Are the seams old?

Damages to your pipes can cause them to crack and leak. A faulty sprinkler can as well cause water damage. Regularly scheduled pipe and sprinklers inspections by building managers can point out faults before they become serious and cause any damage in the office.

3. Worn out HVAC system

The heating and cooling system is a key component of every office. It boosts productivity and improves the ambiance in the workplace. Like pipes and sprinklers, a worn-out heating and cooling system can result in water damage. Such damages are often a result of poor maintenance and upkeep by building managers and operators.

An old HVAC system may also become a potential source of water damage. Ensure that your HVAC systems are inspected and cleaned regularly. If there is an impending storm, turn off your central air conditioning to prevent damage and the risk of electrocution.

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4. Unchecked window damage

High-rise buildings in Indiana feature multiple windows and skylights. While these windows are good sources of ventilation and sunlight, they are also a source of water penetration. A faulty window causes water damage when it rains.

During maintenance work like window washing, water can penetrate the office. Commercial water damage resulting from leaky windows isn’t often severe; hence it can be easily reduced.


The best way to save your business from several thousand dollars in repair costs resulting from water damage is by finding faults before they become serious. Prevention, they say, is better than cure. That said, always make it a priority to maintain and inspect possible sources of a water leak. 

4 Causes Of Commercial Water Damage

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