Cannabis Home Growers- Best Harvesting Tips To Follow

The harvest season is perhaps the most exciting time for cannabis home growers. It signifies the fruition of all the hard work invested in the cultivation and care of your crop. You may feel stressed about doing everything right because the success of the project boils down to proper harvesting.

Whether you want to use cannabis for personal consumption or sale, quality matters the most. The right harvesting techniques have a far-reaching impact on the quality of the crop, so make sure you follow the best practices. Here are some tips that help with the process.

Ensure readiness

This one is a no-brainer because you have to make sure that the crop is ready for harvest. Timing depends on factors such as the weather in your area and your schedule. If you grow outdoors in the US, the ideal season is between September and November.

There could be some variability depending on your location and climate. But you should follow the weather and pick before fall rains begin. Indoor growers should harvest 7-9 weeks after the flowers appear. The strain type also decides the harvesting schedule.

Typically, the Indica strains are ready quicker than the sativas. The appearance of the trichomes and stigma give you a fair idea about maturity. You can research online or get guidance from a seasoned gardener to pick the right time.

Invest in the right tools

When the harvesting time comes, you will need the right tools at hand to finish up the job. You cannot expect to pull off the flowers with your hand. An investment in proper Cannabis Harvest Equipment is essential. You can do it the old-fashioned way with scissors and pruners, or pick a modern machine to complete the job effortlessly.

It makes sense to explore the market and buy a machine. As a regular grower, you will need it year after year. These machines ensure zero wastage, so you end up getting the most out of your crop. You can even make significant savings over time, enough to cover the cost of the investment.

Know the technique

Timing the harvest right is crucial, and so is having the right equipment. But you must also know the technique. If you grow the same strain on your farm, they will ripen together, and you will have to harvest the entire crop in the same time frame. Things may get complex if you grow multiple strains. They mature at different times, so you will have to schedule harvesting in phases.

Before harvesting, decide whether you want to trim wet or dry. With wet trimming, you will have to trim buds immediately after harvesting. Dry trimming requires you to hang them up for several days, so you need to have the right arrangements in place.

Ensure that you have a clean and dry space to store and cure your cannabis after harvesting. Good ventilation and airflow are also essential for preventing fungal growth. You have to invest an equal amount of effort post-harvest to ensure that your cannabis retains its quality, integrity, and freshness.


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