16 Brown And Blonde Hairstyles For A Try Out

If you are a brunette but want to try something new and different this year then blonde can be one way to go. But completely dyeing your hair blonde can be a difficult decision as you might not be sure if you can pull your new look off.

One way to try a new look, without the fear is to try the new look with your old look, and that is to combine your brown hair with blonde hair.

This way you can be confident that your hair will come out good and also, it will help you to adjust to having blonde hair so that eventually, you can completely go blonde.

We’ve scoured the internet for brown and blonde hairstyles ideas you can try. There are so many ways to go – ombre, balayage, highlights. See below for some pictures for inspiration.

Brown and blonde hairstyles

Photo by renegade.hair
Photo by sabineshallway
Photo by kateterry_hair
Photo by aalbinhair
Photo by aalbinhair
Photo by jhair_stylist
Photo by cosmohaleyy

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Brown and blonde hairstyles
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Brown and blonde hairstyles
Photo by jhair_stylist
Brown and blonde hairstyles
Photo by prettyreeree_
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