All About BriteDeck The Pioneer In Decking Industry

Brite Deck is the pioneer in the composite decking industry in Australia. They brought eco-friendly, maintenance-free premium composites onto markets in the year 1999 and have led in the industry since then.

They supervise the production process and distribute directly to the public, offering high-quality decking at factory prices. Their high-performance products were born out of the need for a substitute for timber that could withstand the extreme and harsh Australian climate.

That is what is About BriteDeck that makes them stand apart from the crowd.  At Brite decking they adhere to the importance of providing high-quality service and goods that are kinder to your budget. Britedeck offers advanced solutions that are durable long-lasting and user-friendly.

The most important thing is to build lasting connections, both with our environment as well as with the local community.

Brite Decks are eco-friendly They are maintenance-free and among the most affordable premium decking boards made of composite on the Australian Market.

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The decking market and the Brite deck

The market for decking can be classified into three distinct types: 

  • Large warehouses: offering low-quality decking at a bargain cost.
  • Small operations:  offering expensive but poor-quality decks.
  • International companies that sell high-quality, but costly wood and composite decks.

Where does Brite Composite Decking fit in the decking industry? 

Britedeck has always kept the customer’s interest as a top priority. Since its inception in 1999, they have only produced high-quality products that too at a cheaper valuation. Profit is not their primary concern but customer satisfaction is. 

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Here is how they have managed this: 

No one in between the customer and the company:

Brite deck are not just resellers. They design and manufacture our products. They offer direct sales to the general public which cuts around 40% off the cost and passes those savings onto the final customers. In simple terms, we offer the best deck in Australia at a factory price.

A Superior Business

From digital systems to training local employees, and collaborating with Australian-based service providers, Britedeck has created an efficient system that is able to support local industries and makes top-quality products at a reasonable price.

deck design ideas All About BriteDeck The Pioneer In Decking Industry

Larger Boards

A lot of consumers are enticed by a discount offer and don’t realize how tiny the boards are. This is why it’s important to determine the measurements in SQM. Brite Composites are the most extensive and long-lasting available.

They are also uniform in terms of size, shape, and cut, which means it is easy to order the deck you want and size without any worries at installation time.

A High-Quality product

Through research and development through manufacturing advances and laboratory tests, Britedeck ensures thier products surpass Australian laws. This is the reason each Brite board comes with the highest quality guarantee in the business.


Britedeck is indeed a pioneer in the decking industry in Australia, their top-notch quality and commitment to work make them most liked among the people. The customer support and after-sales assistance is also the plus point of this amazing decking company. 


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