Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Most of us love being surrounded by nature. It has a calming effect on the mind and body and the colors, smells and shapes of nature are hard to beat in terms of design. Mother Nature really does have us beat. So it makes sense that we should want to replicate the beauty of nature inside our homes. The good news is, it’s actually fairly easy to do that, even if you’re on a tight budget.

Want more nature in your life now? Check out these simple ideas for bringing the outdoors indoors today.


The More Plants and Flowers the Merrier

The simplest, and most obvious way, to bring more nature into your home is by adding lots of plants and flowers into every room. Whether it’s pretty potted orchids, delicate bonsai trees from  Yamaguchi Bonsai Nursery, or oh-so-easy to look after succulents, the more the merrier, and you can put them anywhere even in the shower – to create your desired level of “outdoors” style inside.

Show Your Windows Some Attention

 You might be indoors, but as long as you have windows, you can enjoy spectacular views of the nature around you. So, take good care of your windows, clean them regularly, maintain the frames, If they’re no longer fit for purpose, buy some new ones from Renewal by Andersen. Your windows are your key to the outside world and it makes sense to use them to the fullest in your bid to bring more of the outdoors indoors.

Natural Materials are the Natural Choice

It makes no sense to fill your home with plants and flowers and to flood it with natural light if you’re then going to fill it with lots of plastic, polyester and other synthetic materials. It’s a far better idea to use more natural materials, such as bamboo furniture, cotton cushions and stone countertops if it’s the outdoors indoors look you going for. Also, natural materials are typically better for the environment, and they look far more effortlessly expensive too.

Be More Tactile

The outdoors experience is all about texture – the rough of the bark, the smooth of the stones, the way the grass brushes up against your bare feet in the garden. So take a leaf out of Mother Nature’s book and add as many textures to your home as you can. You can achieve this by using materials like cork, bamboo and stone in your flooring, layering up with rugs, throws and cushions, and mixing up the natural textiles you use.

Tropical Patterns are to Die For

Whether you live in a tropical climate or not, you can have your own little bit of paradise on earth, right here in your own home. Fill your home decor with tropical patterned wallpapers and fabrics. Wallpaper featuring palm trees or flamingos, cushions with tropical blooms printed on them.  Things like that will all help to create the desired atmosphere.

Install Patio Doors

 Installing patio doors that let in far more natural light and which effortlessly allow you to open up your home and meld it seamlessly with the garden, is a fantastic way of bringing the outdoors in and vice versa. Whenever the weather is good, all you need to is slide back the doors and your home becomes part of the very nature that you love so much.

Create Your Own Living Green Wall

Okay, so you have to be brave to do this, and it will take some work. But if you’re up for the challenge, choose one feature wall in your home and fill it with plants and flowers. I don’t mean putting up shelving and sticking a few potted plants on there. I mean covering every inch of the wall with a vertical garden that will take it over completely and make it look like an outdoor paradise indoors. It’ll be so lush and green that you’ll be blown away by its beauty.

Accessorize with Natural Elements

Most of us like to have a few accessories in our home to brighten the place up and show a little of our own personal style. If you’re one of them, instead of buying knock-knacks made out of glass and ceramics, decorate with pebbles to create a unique Zen scene, colored sand displayed in natural glass bottles, sea glass, rattan, pine cones, hanging plants and anything else that you can think of which uses more natural elements than not.

Bring the outdoors indoors and you’ll always feel more at ease in your home, and you’ll always be able to benefit from the soothing effects of nature, whatever the weather outdoors may be.


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