How The Bilock Cylinder Provides The Best Security

bilock cylinder

Bilock Cylinders are one term you might be coming across lately. The popularity of the bilock cylinder is growing over time. People are changing their living status and finding a greater way to keep their assets and documents safe and secure.

The invention of this particular locking system is launched for the same purpose. But the main thing which is increasing its popularity is updating of the locking system. You can go through the following article to know how it helps the user.

Innovative Locking Ranges

With the introduction of bilock cylinder, the range of high security systems has received a huge impact. The bilock system has been in the market for about three decades but every year, innovations are the way of the company. 
The bilock cylinder design range has been innovated over time and the reengineering is being continued even as you read this. The latest development in this context has been the Bilock New Generation product.

Operations of the Lock

The bilock cylinder product with the New Generation subtype comes with a new design and has a twin blade key that operates on a program based on 12 pins. There are six pins on every side. The tumbler pins activate a pair of sidebars that provide end users with about 17,000,000 probable licking combinations.

The bilock cylinder has a key designed in a u-shaped profile. This also comes with six cuts on each side area if the actual key. Additionally, it has a centrally placed roller that helps activate the pin for trigger, placed in the front and the center of this lock.

In case, if the lock needs to operate smoothly, the key needs to be inserted completely. This allows two sidebars to move on to enter these pins. Of course, the condition here remains that these pins were raised at a height considered accurately. This finally permits freeing up the core of the cylinder for rotation.

No Lock Bumping

In case of bilock cylinder, the cylinder does not make use of a traditional top cum bottom pin-based combination. It relies on the holes on the pin sides. This causes application of pressure on part of the springs above. There are 12 pins in all.

There are a number of pins that come with a dummy type hole. This traps a sidebar pin, whenever there is any pressure allied to the pin lock in an erroneous position. This, therefore, prevents opening of the lock. Therefore, since there are no pins at the top, lock bumping or breaking is practically not possible.

This is because lock bumping will need a point whenever there will a separation of the two pins. When this separation takes place, and simultaneous turn-based pressure gets applied, the rotation of the inbuilt cylinder will be initiated. Thus, the lock will open up. As already detailed out, this fails to occur in a bilock cylinder design.

Made and patented by the Lock Company, the bilock cylinder design has been the toast of the security system world. It has single-handedly remained the core product of the company with variations and innovations being rolled out as per market demand.

The manufacturing Company of the lock has also offered a number of variants of this product from time to time. With patented tech and exclusive dealers, the design of this lock system surely is enviable. The bilock cylinder has been nurtured and engineered across varied models for decades now, but the popularity knows no waning.


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