How To Get The Best Outcomes With Your Butt Lift Procedure

As plastic surgery and body sculpting procedures become popular in the US, getting the shape you want is no longer a dream. If you do not have a prominent derriere, a Brazilian butt lift can come to your rescue. It is effective and safe and works for everyone.

Beyond lifting and augmenting your buttocks and hips, the procedure can slim your waist, abdomen, lower back, and thighs. So you have a win-win treatment that covers you on multiple fronts.

Although the butt lift procedure has an impressive success rate, you can do your bit to get the best outcomes. Here are some tips to help.

5 tips to follow after a butt lift procedure

Follow a healthy diet

Following a healthy and balanced diet after the surgery and thereafter is the key to recovery and long-term results. Your surgeon will recommend whole foods containing low sodium because they speed up recovery and relieve swelling.

It is equally important to stay off sugar and unhealthy fats to sustain the outcomes for the long haul. Salty foods promote liquid retention, so keep them off your plate as well.

Maintain an exercise routine

You will have to stay off high-impact activities during the recovery phase. Your surgeon is the best person to decide when to start an exercise routine. Usually, they will allow you to get back within 6-8 weeks after the procedure. They can also recommend the ideal workouts to stay in shape.

You can also seek advice from a qualified personal trainer. Typically, squats, lunges, donkey kicks, standing lateral leg raises, plank leg raises, and side leg raises are the best options to sustain the outcomes of a Brazilian butt lift.

Be careful while sitting and sleeping

Your sitting and sleeping positions after the butt lift surgery also have an impact on the final results. If you get a Brazilian butt lift by Dr. Alexander Sinclair, you will get a long list of instructions in this context.

You will have to avoid sitting for long intervals during the recovery time. It helps prevent pressure on the buttock area. Likewise, you cannot sleep on your back initially. The best options are to sleep sideways or on your chest.

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Wear compression garments

Besides precautions about sitting and sleeping, you will also have to wear a compression garment after surgery. These special garments speed up the healing of the liposuctioned areas.

Further, they reduce discomfort, minimize swelling, and help the skin contract to its usual shape. Your surgeon will recommend the right compression garments and duration for wearing them after the surgery.

Watch out for infections

Another tip for people undergoing a Brazilian butt lift is to watch out for post-surgical complications such as infections. Although the risk of such complications is minimal, you must get help if you notice something amiss.

Look out for signs like redness and swelling on the operated area. Infection shows symptoms like pain, swollen glands, a fever, and oozing off the wound. See your surgeon immediately and get started with treatment.

Good care post-surgery and afterward is the key to getting the best outcomes from the Brazilian butt lift procedure. Commit to short-term care and long-term maintenance to make the effort worthwhile.

How To Get The Best Outcomes With Your Butt Lift Procedure

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