The Best Floor Plans For Your Home This Year

More American families are planning to purchase a home this year. It’s estimated that about 100 million Americans plan to buy a home in the next few years. About 27 million of this given population are planning to purchase a home this year. One of the growing pains of buying a home, especially given this year’s market condition, is the outdated design.

Many homes today follow the old residential floor plan that we all grew up with. At this point, people are looking for new ways to improve on the floor plans we have today. Here are a few of the trending floor plans this year that might look good in your home.

Trending floor plan ideas

Open floor plan

The open floor plan has been around for many years. Last year, this floor plan re-emerged because of the pandemic. Many families are forced into quarantine, and because of this, each family needed more space. The solution to this wasn’t clear. Many of these families can’t afford to move into a bigger home. Some decided that some renovation must be done.

Many of these families decided that if they wanted to free up more space, they would remove the segmented floor plan that we all know and love. Walls are taken down, and social rooms such as the dining room and the kitchen have joined each other. This open floor plan gives a breath of fresh air for many families who have been stuck in their homes for many months.

Bigger and spacious bathroom

A recent Houzz survey (an organization that studies house trends in the US) found that many American families that renovate their master bedroom usually do it to make their bathroom bigger. Additionally, these renovations have received a 10% jump in spending. This means that more Americans are looking to make their bathroom more extravagant than before.

A big bathroom isn’t in many floor plans we know of today, and frankly, it’s unheard of. However, the masses have spoken, and many Americans want a bigger bathroom with enough space for a walk-in shower. This is a good enough trend that has left many Americans satisfied with their renovation, so we’re thinking that it’s worth giving it a try.

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An open view to the lawn

Many Americans have grown to love the space they have right outside their home. It’s estimated that the average size of the lawn in many American homes is half or more than half the size of the home itself. The size of these lawns varies by state (with some doubling the size of the average), but it’s safe to say that lawns take up more space than our homes. This is why many Americans are utilizing landscaping to make their lawns look better than before.

But what’s the point of spending precious dollars on landscaping if you don’t see your investment? This is why more individuals are making their living rooms more transparent through slider windows so that they can admire their investment. Additionally, many are renovating their living room to be more spacious so many more people can admire their beautiful lawn.

The modern farmhouse

The modern farmhouse design is used in many suburban homes, especially those that are near the countryside. This design creates a rustic look to many homes for a much lower price.

When it comes to this floor plan, tiling and house sliding are key. This particular floor plan utilizes the rustic and old look of wooden floor panels accompanied with wooden home sliding on the exterior of your home. Add a wooden main door to the design, and you have a modernized farmhouse design.

The best part of it all is that you can find the suppliers for your door, tiles, and house slidings in any hardware store. They are relatively easy to shop for, and it doesn’t take too long to install compared to other modern designs out there that use marble and limestone as the centerpiece.

The modern farmhouse is a safe bet for your home in the countryside. It’s easy, fast, and safe to do when compared to other floor plans out there.

Back to basics

Ultimately, we believe that we have gone back to the basics when it comes to these trends. Most of it is floor plans that have been utilized before, some as early as the 1940s. Floor plans have one thing in mind, and that is utilizing the space in our home.

This is the most fundamental aspect of a floor plan. With all of this knowledge in mind, it’s up to you to choose which floor plan is for your home. Try mixing some of these trends. Maybe you’ll come up with your unique floor plan that could revolutionize the housing market as we know it.


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