The Top Benefits Of Owning A Holiday Home

Everyone knows the benefits of going on a family holiday for the kids. They get exposed to new places to visit and new activities to complete while having fun.

A holiday as a family is all about treating yourselves to a break from the school and work routines that often split families apart from each other. Those moments of time during the year where you get concentrated hours with just you and your children are the times that create memories that none of you will ever forget.

Holidays have a positive impact on a family. After all, who doesn’t want to leave study and work behind for a week or two and absorb a little fun and experience abroad?

You didn’t go ahead and make a family only to never see them. But with the way the school year falls versus how much time you are allowed to take off from work, you can find yourself going through too much time without your family around you.

Those evening moments after school are often filled with homework, chores, routines and rigidity that don’t allow you to spend much time together as a family.

As such, companies all over the globe have capitalized on this, allowing families the chance to travel together and spend more time getting to reconnect somewhere entirely new.

Sometimes, this means that families end up with the travel bug, booking one holiday after another. This then leads to serious conversations about whether it’s time to buy a holiday home in the place that you keep revisiting.

holiday houses

Whether you want to buy a holiday home in the country you live in or in a faraway destination with all the trappings of exotic cultures, you could be setting yourself up for a secure financial future that will benefit your family in so many ways.

Not to mention the money you would save on accommodation when you keep returning to that holiday haunt you all love so much.

Going on a holiday every year is a wonderful privilege to have in an expensive world but waiting an entire year for the next block of time you get as a family isn’t easy to swallow.

Instead, people choose to buy another home and make their holiday every weekend instead. There are literally tons of benefits of purchasing that townhouse by the sea, but it doesn’t take much to narrow it down to a few that make sense for your family.

There is a lot of work involved when you buy a house. But buying abroad can take an awful lot of research that you have to be willing to do if you want your family holiday time expanded.

Being with family is something we all compromise every time we send the kids to school and we need to go to work, but neither of those things can be compromised on.

However, buying a holiday home can help you carve out even more time together, because the accommodation cost is only what you pay in a mortgage.

Below, we’ve got 6 great benefits for going ahead with that holiday purchase for you and your family.

6 Top benefits of owning a holiday home

1. Family Fun

The increase that you will see in family time is going to be enormous when you own a home in the place that you like to visit the most. Not only is the quantity bigger, but the quality, too. You get a chance to spend time with your kids where you otherwise wouldn’t, and this makes it far easier to learn to communicate with them.

Children just don’t care whether you are doing extra overtime to pay for their clothes, and that’s okay because kids aren’t supposed to know the effort that their parents take to make their lives easier. All they care about is your time and your presence with them.

It’s the earlier years of their lives where you will be able to make the most difference and if you can make that difference then you should. Buying a holiday home allows for those weekends whiled away at home to be whiled away out in nature instead, giving you more time to forge links and memories that you will all never forget.

holiday beach

2. The Beach

If research is showing that being by the ocean is good for your mental and your physical health, then it makes sense to buy a holiday property next to the beach.

Staycations are so on trend right now and having more time to relax than traveling will benefit your family so much. The big stress with holidays is managing to pack the right amount for the whole break for every member of the family.

With a holiday home, you aren’t thinking about the packing, because you likely will have everything that you need clothing-wise already stocked to go! If you can all just hop in the car to the airport after work on a Friday, you get a couple of days soaking up the sun and being on the beach making your own fun than being stuck where it rains a lot.

3. Community Spirit

It doesn’t matter whether you love your current neighbors or not, you can easily make a whole new community of neighbors when you have regular visits to your holiday home.

There is a huge community spirit when you holiday alongside people with the same mentality as you: that life is too short not to take regular breaks from the mundane.

When you see the familiar faces of your holiday neighbors, you get to know them, and you instantly create a second community away from the one near your regular home.

There are always frequent events for holiday home owners, especially if you’ve decided to buy a home on a resort or a villa area.

Every weekend you can choose to meet up with friends that you don’t see as regularly as you would like. Which makes going away that bit sweeter and gives you the extra incentive to purchase the holiday home you’ve been looking at.

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4. Saving Money

Let’s be honest, here, holidays are expensive. From the flights to the accommodation to the spending money, you need cash for a breakaway. Buying a holiday home isn’t exactly cheap, but that mortgage that you pay each month for the house is going to be far cheaper than the constant payout for a holiday rental.

A holiday that would cost a few thousand dollars for just a couple of weeks can easily pay for a few months of a mortgage, instead. You also should think about the long term financial benefit to your family of a second home and how your children will eventually benefit from the holiday home that you’ve purchased.

There’s no need to worry too much about their inheritance, as a family holiday home will be a tangible asset for them to have when the time comes. Not only will you be saving money by buying a second house, but you’ll also be earning it.

host welcoming guest at a house rental

5. Earning Money

You could also choose to use your holiday home on a rental site and rent it out to people in the months that you won’t be using it yourself; this way your holiday home can pay for itself.

Offsetting all the costs that come with renting out a holiday home will make a massive difference to the way that you earn your cash. Of course, you must check out the tax laws of the country that you choose to buy a holiday home in case the rules are different.

Being careful with the legalities of owning your own holiday home will be a big help for you when you want to rent it out. Using a management agency to help you with letting it at certain times of the year will be beneficial, too, especially if your house is not just a drive away from you.

6. Health

The health benefits to you and the children of being on holiday more often than not are too many to describe. Children are often given the option of screen time or inside play because we live in a culture now where it’s too dangerous or worrying to allow the kids just to go outside and play like they used to.

Being stuck indoors creates a cycle of depression and obesity that is best avoided. Being able to jet off for a couple of days and only worry about the cost of the flights is life-changing for children who don’t get that opportunity.

Being outside running and playing is far better for their health than being in front of technology. Life has enough pressure for children and for our own mental health, so it makes sense that your health would benefit from owning a second home abroad.

Holidays are life-changing for many people, with memories made to last a lifetime. There’s no need to do too much thinking when it comes to your holiday future, as a home will be far better than not having one!



  1. June 28, 2022 / 7:24 pm

    I like how you mentioned that owning a holiday home can increase your family time. I would like to purchase a holiday home. It seems like it would be a good idea for me to find the perfect area for me to look for a holiday home to purchase.

  2. June 28, 2022 / 7:24 pm

    I like how you said that it can save money. My husband and I want to go on more vacations this year. We’ll have to look into getting a holiday home for our trips.

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