5 Benefits Of Choosing Lab-Grown Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? As the famous saying goes, every woman wants to have diamonds in her life in any capacity. However, the more we know about the diamond mining industry and the sometimes unethical practices surrounding certain diamonds, are they really something we should be investing in?

For example, mining diamonds comes at a considerable cost to the environment, albeit not as high as the cost of mining gold. But it does still impact the environment massively. Plus, due to the intensive methods used, the world will be out of natural diamonds pretty soon.

Replica or lab-grown diamonds can offer people the same experience with many more benefits. Read on to learn more.

Why you should go for lab-grown diamonds

Reduced Environmental Impact

While not 100% impact-free, lab-grown diamonds have a lower environmental impact and do not cause air or water pollution. They are grown in special chambers inside a laboratory and produce little to no waste. So if the ethical and sustainable impacts bother you, opting for lab-grown diamonds can be a great compromise.


It goes without saying that lab-grown gems will be a lot cheaper than natural diamonds. This is especially true for larger gemstones and diamonds in different colors. They can be replaced to bring the same experience more cost-effectively. These days lab-grown diamonds can be around 40-50% cheaper than their natural counterpart, making more significant, more impactful gems within people’s reach.

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Better Quality

The quality of a diamond plays a part in determining its value, with the 4 Cs taken into consideration. Like anything formed naturally, no two diamonds are the same. And each stone will differ in terms of quality. The higher the quality gemstone you have, the higher the price.

Lab-grown diamonds can produce better quality stones and allow you to have a clearer diamond in your jewelry collection than if you were buying a real one. Just have a look at lab grown diamonds at Whiteflash.com to see the quality you can expect.

More Ethical

Diamond mining has long had ties to unknown origins, questionable child labor laws, poor working conditions, and violations of human rights laws. Even if you source from a reputable supplier, the origins of many diamonds can be questionable. All of this is removed when purchasing lab-grown gems. You know exactly where the stone came from and how it was produced. That’s before we even broach the topic of blood diamonds.

So if you are concerned about the ethics behind your diamond jewelry, swapping lab-grown stones can be a great alternative.

No One Knows

Lastly, unless you have an expert jeweler in your friend’s file or you run into someone testing rings for authenticity, no one can tell the difference between lab-grown diamonds and real ones. Many people couldn’t tell a natural diamond by sight, so they couldn’t identify that you weren’t wearing a real diamond.


There are many benefits for people choosing to wear lab-grown diamonds. Mostly these come from the ethical and cost standpoints, which, while great on their own, aren’t the only benefits. With lab-grown diamonds becoming increasingly popular, now is the time to look into this trend more and think about making the switch.

5 Benefits Of Choosing Lab-Grown Diamonds

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