Key Points To Consider Before Buying French Doors

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If you are planning to purchase doors for your home or office, then there are a number of options you can explore and french doors are one such type of doors. While sliding doors are also very famous, the number of options will leave you spellbound.

If you are not able to make a choice, then we will help you with all the necessary information that will help you in making an informed choice. Of the many choices that are available in the market, the french and sliding doors are the most popular ones.

However, the major difference between french doors and sliding doors is that french doors swing whereas the sliding doors slide. Typically, a sliding door features a good matching panel and a sliding panel as well.

The matching panel smoothly slides in the top and bottom tracks. On the other hand, the french doors are a pair of doors which features a fixed panel and also a hinged panel. Based on the type that you wish to purchase, this will either swing inward or outward. Let us find out more about the swing door.

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French doors

French doors consist of large glass window but it’s like a door giving access to the people to enter the room from the outdoors and vice-versa. When these doors are opened, they show quite a large entrance.

Normally, french doors & sliders are purchased as a complete system. This includes the jambs, threshold as well as other essential weather-stripping as well. For the purpose of energy saving, the french doors tend to interlock as well.

This is to be kept in mind that not all french swing doors are being designed for the purpose of outdoor usage. Well, these necessarily doesn’t have to be used outdoors. In fact, you can use them inside for separating one room from the other.

The overall purpose of the interior french door is to join one room to another. They conveniently separate one room from another while they are closed and also offer access to the rooms while they are opened.

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Single/multiple glass panes

True French doors usually feature the many glass panes which are divided with the help of wooden muntin’s. The glass panes are usually built separately.

In other words, we can say that if you are placing an order for one with ten wooden doors, then the manufacturers would build it with ten individual panes & these panes will be inserted independently.

If you wish, you can go ahead with these panes but there are a majority of vendors who sell the panes which are divided by faux. They very well feature snap-in wooden grilles and they look stunning. However, the cost involved in preparing them is way lesser. Also, they are easier to be cleaned when compared to the true divided panes.

Several of them are griller types and feature grid work on the panes in pairs of 6, 8 or 10 usually. The grid work is usually evenly spaced. There are other types which feature the horizontal panes and they are usually 4, 5 or 6 in number. You can also find the grill configurations which feature various styles.

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The size

When we talk about the size of these doors, then the standard size available in the market is of 60 inches width and height of 60inches, however, customization is possible, but that comes with a higher cost.

Usually, the thickness of these french doors one and three-fourth inches or one and three-eighth inches. Aside from those conventional 6 feet and 8 inches height of the french doors, you would have another option which measures 6 feet and 11 inches in height and 8 feet in width.

This is to be noted that some of the patio doors have windows on the side panes whereas, in some of them, windows are placed on the tops.


French doors can be adopted for the space-saving purpose and at the same time, they look contemporary and have several benefits attached to them. Make sure that you choose the right quality and material for these doors so that they last longer.


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