The basement is an awkward place in any house. Unless we’re willing to fork out a fortune on renovation, most of us are left uncertain what to do with the space. It’s a dank, dark place, and everyone knows that’s where the bad guys hide. And, is it just us, or do basements smell pretty bad?


It’s an embarrassing thing to admit, but a slight stench down below isn’t unheard of. After all, this is a space which gets little air or light, so things are bound to get pongy. In fact, the majority of basements have at least some level of musk.

But, what happens if that smell is enough to keep you away?

You wouldn’t be alone if you locked your basement door and didn’t think about it again. But, if you’ve done this due to smell, you’ve got an issue.

In fact, anything more than the musk we spoke about could be a warning sign. Worse, leaving this unchecked could risk everything from your plumbing to your health.

why basement smells bad

So, without further ado, let’s look at why your basement smells terrible enough to turn your stomach.

  1. You’ve got drain issues

Drain issues are on the most frequent causes of bad basement smells. Given the majority of basements have drainage systems, that should come as no surprise. If you don’t use your basement often, there’s every chance your basement floor drains have become clogged.

Lucky for you, catching this early means pouring clean water down there could clear things. Admittedly, if the smell is enough to send you away, things may have progressed past that point. Even in that instance, a quick call to a drain repair company should be enough to freshen things up.


2.There’s something horrible lurking down below

It’s also worth asking whether there really is something horrible lurking below. And, no; we aren’t talking about the boogeyman. In reality, basements can become homes for all manner of critters. And, it’s not always easy to determine when that happens.

Unlike an attic space, it’s unlikely you’ll hear the pitter patter of tiny feet. What’s more, you may not even see any signs if your basement is full of junk. To get to the bottom of this, then, you need to open that door and get down there.

Take a look around and get stuck into decluttering. You may find that droppings or deceased rodents are the source of that smell.

basement vent

3. You need to install ventilation

You may even find that you’re dealing with a case of extreme mold. Basements are unavoidably damp places. It comes with the territory of underground buildings. However, it’s easy enough to clear this issue with proper ventilation.

If possible, installing windows in the upper part of your basement can go a long way here. If that isn’t possible, even installing an extractor fan could do the job. If you rig this up to turn on every time you switch the light, your basement could smell of roses again in no time.


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