Basement Repair Concepts From Movies and TV

Movies and TV don’t always reflect reality particularly well, but sometimes there are problems in movies and TV shows that accurately reflect real problems in one way or another.

If you’re thinking about how a movie or TV show may stack up to the real deal, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how an expert may be able to repair some of the biggest basement issues in film.

6 basement repair concepts in movies

The Sopranos: basement water damage

One of the ways in which Tony Soprano tries to avoid anyone finding out about his misdeeds is by talking in the basement; he believed that the AC unit’s noise made it impossible for anyone to eavesdrop.

His safe meeting place was destroyed, however, when his water heater exploded. This could have caused serious damage, which means an expert would have to clean up the water, check for damages, then replace the water heater.

The IT Crowd: electrical fires and pests

One of the running jokes in The IT Crowd is the fact that the IT basement is not very well-maintained. In fact, it regularly has fires from issues with the electrical wiring and Moss’s room seems to have at least a mild spider problem.

Rewiring the area would help fix the electrical issues, although the team would still want to install a smoke detector just in case. Plus, an exterminator could help with the spider problem.

BlacKkKlansman: mold and moisture

In this movie, one of the characters, Felix, runs a KKK office out of his basement. This basement is not very well-maintained, as you might imagine; it’s dingy and damp, which means there are probably issues with mold in the office as well.

An expert could add a moisture barrier to the basement walls to help remove some of the moisture. Plus, the expert would probably want to inspect the exterior drainage for any potential issues.

Wayne’s World: loud noises in the basement

Of all these movies and TV shows, Wayne’s World is one of the few that doesn’t have a structural problem so much as a generalized concern.

The problem is that Wayne and his friend Garth hold a livestream every Friday in Wayne’s parents’ basement, but the noise tends to annoy Wayne’s parents.

The solution to this problem? Simply soundproof the basement. This is a problem that a basement repair team could actually help with.

Home Alone: furnace issues

When Kevin enters the basement in Home Alone, he notices that the furnace has become a sort of terrifying demonic monster. This could easily be the interpretation of a child faced with a generalized furnace issue, which means it’s probably not an actual furnace demon.

Regardless of its truthful existence, whether as a furnace demon or just some generalized furnace problems, a furnace replacement could probably fix them.

Batman: infestations and water problems

Sure, Batman’s cave is pretty interesting, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has the best support structure. As you can clearly see from any picture of the Batcave, this cave is infested with bats, which are pests. That means Batman has a pest control problem.

Plus, it also has a waterfall, which might look cool, but will definitely cause huge amounts of humidity. A full fix would require a pest control expert and someone to look through Wayne Manor and see whether the humidity has harmed the home.


Even if you don’t have one of these movie-like problems, there’s a possibility that you may have a problem of a different kind.

Basement problems are actually very common, which is exactly why so many people talk to basement repair experts on a regular basis.

If you’re having some sort of basement problem, let this list assure you that a basement repair expert can help you solve it.


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