Alfresco Design Ideas To Inspire You

Aussie summers are enjoyable due to the favorable temperate climate, and you can make your experience better by investing in an alfresco.

Whether you’re downing a few drinks with your buddies or preparing a BBQ for a family get-together, nothing beats having an outdoor relaxation space in your home. Read on to discover easy tips for your alfresco design.

7 Alfresco Design Ideas

Designate Your Alfresco Area

Start by designing your alfresco and its desired features. Then, choose the layout. Do you intend to add entertainment features like a TV and music speakers? If you’re thinking about an outdoor kitchen, choose a prime location for the grill. If you want a home bar, think about the seating.

Moreover, it would help if you chose furniture that suits your space. Investing in huge sofas can make a small patio feel stuffed. Likewise, small seats will feel out of place in a spacious pergola.

Make It Weatherproof

Although Australia has a favorable climate, some months become too bleak or experience heavy rainfall, making outdoor spaces unliveable. When building your alfresco, consider making it weatherproof. You can install a shade to protect against the sun. If winters are extreme, consider installing a fireplace to keep you warm.

Additionally, you can grow vines and trellises on your alfresco. These will provide natural shade upon maturity.

Add Greenery

Potted plants in your outdoor space create a welcoming atmosphere. Besides beauty, plants add color, texture, and depth to your alfresco. 

Another added benefit of plants is variety -you can choose flowers, herbs, or shrubs to beautify your backyard. The freshness of nature combined with a tranquil atmosphere will leave a lasting impression on every visitor.

Invest in Lighting 

Your summer shouldn’t be limited to daytime. Investing in lighting is an excellent way of making your alfresco usable throughout the day. After all, you’re in your home, and everyone can leave when they wish.

You can make it better by installing LED ambient lighting. Besides using less energy, these fixtures are available in multiple colors, and you can vary the intensity to correspond to the prevailing mood.

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Remember Flexibility 

Unlike your house, you can change your alfresco’s outlook as often as possible. For instance, you want cozy seats if you’re inviting friends for a casual meeting. If relatives are visiting, you can switch to plush sofas. 

Remember flexibility when accessorizing your outdoor space. This way, your alfresco will always be ready for use.

Think about Privacy

Outdoor spaces offer the solace you need to unwind after a busy work schedule. When designing your alfresco, think about the privacy it provides. If your neighbors have bungalows, you’re guaranteed privacy at sitting level. However, you don’t get this comfort if they have mansions.

Privacy is vital, but over-emphasising it can make your home feel like a jail. Ensure that your private space allows you to connect with nature.

Connect with Your Interior Design

The ultimate goal of creating an alfresco is extending your living area to the outdoors. Ensure the space between your home’s interior and outdoor spaces creates a seamless, unnoticeable connection.

The best way to create such a connection is by emphasizing small details like spacing, lighting, and views. 

Wrapping Up

Part of keeping your home comfortable involves grooming your backyard. Before setting up an alfresco, ensure that your compound is clean. Then, use the tips mentioned above to make the most out of your alfresco.

Alfresco Design Ideas To Inspire You

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