Add Charm To Your Home With An Antique Clock

The current trend for mixing old and new means you can experiment with your home decor and one of the best ways to introduce period pieces is using antique and vintage timepieces. There is everything from a dainty mantel clock to a large grandfather clock that stands majestically, surveying everything in the room.

Of course, you want a clock that looks like it belongs in the setting and it could be a piece of art as well as a timepiece. An Art Deco wall or desk clock would certainly add a touch of flamboyance to any room.

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4 ways an antique clock can add charm to your home

Statement piece

The grandfather clock is an obvious choice if you want to incorporate a statement piece into the decor and the best place to find genuine antique grandfather clocks is on the antique dealer’s website. There are also grandmother and granddaughter clocks, which are slightly smaller, yet every bit as elegant. It is important to keep the clock in proportion with the room and a large 75” piece might be too large.

Mantel clocks

Walnut and mahogany mantel clocks are very popular and when browsing a dealer’s website for antique clocks for sale, you can search by period, style, or price. An Art Deco clock, for example, can add a splash of color to the room and there are so many such timepieces listed with a leading antique dealer, so you are bound to find the perfect piece.

Brass Carriage Clocks

The French made some stunning brass carriage clocks, with a dainty handle. This portable clock would be at home in any setting. Most have a striking feature and some make nice chimes on the hour, while designs vary greatly. Browse a few online antique dealer websites and check out the extensive listings of antique and vintage clocks, all at very affordable prices.

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Wall Placement

A clock is ideal to break up a large expanse of wall. A nice Victorian rosewood clock with inlaid mother of pearl would be perfect for a study or library. The combinations are endless and there’s something special about using time to inject an aged look and with a rhythmic tick-tock of an antique clock in the background, a serene ambiance is assured.

Online solutions

If you are looking for a suitable antique or vintage clock for your study or lounge, look no further than the online antique dealer. There you will find search features to help you locate what you’re looking for. There are many types of clocks, including:

  • Grandfather/Mother/Daughter Clocks
  • Wall Clocks
  • Table & Desk Clocks
  • Pendulum Clocks
  • Mantel Clocks
  • Abstract Clocks
  • Alarm Clocks

This means there are timepieces to suit every setting. If you want to be sure the clock is a genuine antique, make sure you acquire it from a respected antique dealer.

If you are creating a modern setting and you want to inject some character, antique clocks can provide the solution. Using time as the medium is an attractive concept and one that works in all settings. Whether a grandfather clock or a carriage clock, the online antique dealer has you covered.

Add Charm To Your Home With An Antique Clock

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