We sometimes  sacrifice so many things just to keep our relationships but if your partner is not making any efforts to stay, then you have no other option than to let them go. Love shouldn’t be forced.

If you are still in love with your ex, certain things become very difficult to stop. Doing them will not bring them back but rather drive them away from you or they can even take advantage of you though they don’t love you anymore. Going through a break up can be a very difficult situation and often times than not we find ourselves doing certain things just to get your ex’s attention.

But here are 5 Things You Should Not Do After A BreakUp

Stop texting or calling your partner:

This is the first thing you should stop doing after a break up. Whether you were at fault or not, do not call or text your ex. Make time for yourself so that you get healed from the trauma you are going through. If you keep texting or calling them, you will keep hurting yourself more. Let them go if they are not willing to come back.

Do not jump into a new relationship:

You may think getting into a new relationship will make your ex jealous but it’s absolutely not, you are rather hurting yourself. You need time to heal. Think about the mistakes you made in your previous one and correct them before you think of getting into a new one. If you don’t do this, it will keep hunting you in the relationship you’ve gotten yourself into. Do not rush after a break up, take your time the right one will come at the right time.

Things you shouldn't do after a breakup

Stop wondering about what they are up to :

You are no more in a relationship with them so their problems should not be your headache. What they have been up to after the break up is not part of your business. Think about yourself and the next step you should take without them. Probably when you were in a relationship with them, you had things you and your partner planned of doing together. Now that you are no longer with them, learn to have your own priorities, dreams and goals. Work hard for them and make yourself proud.

Do not compare yourself to their new partner:

That will be a big mistake on your part. Everyone is unique in his or her own way, the fact that they are happy with their new partner doesn’t mean they are better than you- but they are rather compatible with each other. You will also be happy when you find a partner you are compatible with. Stop looking for pictures of their new partners or getting to know mutual friends to ask about how they are.


Do not stop taking good care of yourself:

Just because he or she left you doesn’t mean you should not put on your best clothes on or apply your makeups to look more beautiful. You will be a fool to stop doing things that made you look good. This is the time you need to take good care of yourself so that you don’t wash away. Heartbreaks could be so terrible that you may think of getting tattoos, drinking, smoking,cutting your hair or piercing. Don’t do permanent things that will make you regret later. The end of that relationship is not the end of your life. You have so many ahead of you than your present.


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